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  1. Pulling this up from the back shelf simply because: One off Jac powered G3 build. Needs a lot of work, ie. correct fastners etc. and some sacrificial Jac M4 mags. No hop up, Full auto only. Asahi Bushmaster in action 2011, gun circa 1989-1990, work done by booster: Still holds its own against AEG's. KM
  2. validtumoralarm/gridstone- on my ICOM F50/F60 software it refers to the sub channels as continuous tones. I am only able to program 9 at a time on the F60's I have. Every radio manufacturer uses slightly different tone settings. I have a table that has cobra, midland, Cherokee, Motorola and radio shack, any one who wants this table, send me a PM with your email address and I can forward it to you. KM
  3. Good God Man! Well done- what does it have for internals? KM
  4. Good seller, kit was like new.


  5. Another random inquiry- I'm using a rocket pack off of my Bergen on top of my PLCE for hydration and CO2 (Classic rifle)- Does any one have a method better than taping the two yokes together to keep them from shifting as much? Right now I am running it as striped down as possible, other wise I have a tendency to find things that would be "nice to have" for 6 hours. KM
  6. curiosity question for you guys about the protec Aace and wake: Any issues running comtac/etc with them? http://www.protechelmet.com/proddetail.asp?prod=4811931HSmil they (not them) do a version with cut outs, worth it? after my last night game where I hit my noggin twice on tree branches I'm picking up a bucket for special Fred here. Also, whats the current trend in NVG mounts, moved away from the old strap on mounts towards the screwed on shrouds, with arm only on it when you are going green? Thanks, KM
  7. XXL Scubapro jets (actually for diving- size 13 drysuit boot) Danner scorpions in black-done around 7 years in em,getting close to retirement Danner USMC issue jungle boots- on their 2nd or third year, going strong REI re branded Raichle full leather hiking boots- 3 years, at least 200 mi of hiking, plus who knows how much daily use KM
  8. I just noticed the drop ship too. Probably wind up as a mobile along with my Whiskey boxes KM
  9. http://www.mayflower-rc.org/store/7016/22/...or-Carrier.html Just buy: having it made "custom" will not be any cheaper, or probably what you want (hell its cheaper than a new CIRAS). While the design looks simple, getting it just right will not be. Or wait for the EBB version. KM
  10. How the mag 190's so far? KM
  11. Nice gorka esque uniform, did you use any pattern for the base? KM
  12. Going shopping and no idea where to start- criteria: black folding tanto auto or assisted open non serrated (pref) para cord/seat belt cutter slot window punch Ideas? I've hunted spyderco and Kershaw and CRKT with no luck(unless I missed something), got a bone? Thanks, KM
  13. I was going to say, either pop flare or P90 pouches do the trick. KM
  14. JAC powered, CA body. Needs work, but cycles. KM
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