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well i bought this from AEX and they shipped it to me very fast. externally, the quality is nice. it has a nice setup for buttons, as the button on the box itself is constand on/off, and the pressure switch is momentary. nice touch.

however, the light is very dim, maybe 60 lumens, 40 or so with the filter on, and the laser... sucks. mine wouldnt adjust enough to even be visable in my scope... at all. the pressure switch is also EXTREMELY short, and wouldnt even reach the other side of my rail system.



constant on/off, momentary on

laser, light, and light+laser modes

pretty good outside appearance



laser wont adjust at all to be worth a damn

all screws feel very weak, and feel like they will break if tightened a hair too much

dim light

REALLY SHORT pressure switch


to sum it up: dont get it. wait for G&P to make one, or just buy the G&P PEQ-2A already out. im gonna return mine to AEX, maybe swap for another PEQ-2


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Can't say I have the same experience, the light is as bright as the my TLR-1, and the laser is visible, but haven't tried more than 20m. The problem is the laser windage and elevation adjustment does not "click", so it'll probably loose zero overtime....


I can route my pressure switch to the other side of the rail just not very far though




IMO its about as "usable" as a mock PEQ as the G&P PEQ2(which I also have), the in the "FDE" color the it is not the milky tan that the G&P one is in....and so far my pressure switch still works. The G&P one doesn't any moe..

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yeah, there is no click for the adjustment, the arrows are all wrong, and it wont adjust to be at all usable.

useless to me, as i got a laser unit FOR THE LASER.

sorry, no pics now, but externally its pretty nice... its the internals that make me cringe.

im sticking with my G&P PEQ-2.


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Great mod saft!!


When you opened up the PEQ and did the mods, did everything go back together fairly easily? I've been wanting to add some other laser diodes to one as well but I'm afraid that it's one of those accessories that is impossible to get back together and keep looking clean once you've taken it apart.


Or pictures perhaps? :D

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I have a few questions involving peq 15 laser/ light combos. first one is for racing maniac. that is the larue lt606 mount on your rifle right? is the peq 15 able to sit on top of the rail without either the flashlight or the peq getting in the way of each other?


next, I am looking for some sort of peq 15 that is realistic, durable, and provides a usable laser, flashlight, and laser. kind of like this.


but, my problem is this. I want a laser like the one in the video, one that creates a constant beam. anyone know where I can get one? also, I want a working light, and the option of using the pressure switch and the button on top, so I was thinking that a modified vfc would be a good choice. since I will likely be running a separate flashlight, the stock one in the vfc should suffice, especially on the 3.7 volt battery. however, will need help on how to mod the box to replace the red laser with a more powerful green one. any help here? is it worth it?

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The room that video is took in looks pretty smokey/dusty which would make the green laser look more WHAOAH! than it really is.


Saying that I dont suppose it would be all that hard to get a green laser in. You'd just have to be careful with what your doing inside the box

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