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Justin Bieber Shot.


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Sort of agree, I loathe his music with a passion but the more I see of him (and let's face it the little bugger's almost impossible to avoid these days) he actually seems pretty sound (if a bit lacking in the brains department).


I like that he had to get permission from about a dozen different people at his record label to cut his hair :D

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I'd like him to burn in hell - unfortunately:


1, There is no hell (other than one of his concerts).

2, That's where he's from anyway. He'd like it there.





Say what you say, but like it or not, the kid has talent. He can sing pretty good live.

I don't like his music at all. But as a person, he actually seems pretty cool. No reason for you to say " I'd like him to burn in hell " because he does what he likes and gets paid for it.

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Seriously, what the hell is this?


Grown men wishing that a 16-year old boy be shot or for him to burn in hell? Are you jealous that he is fulfilling your childhood fantasies?


I have never listened to one of Justin Biebers songs, I hadn't even heard of him until the "send Justin Bieber to North Korea!" bit, but quite frankly, this kind of behaviour is just pathetic. Really, is your life that unfulfilled that you are jealous of a child and wish that someone would shoot him?


How utterly pathetic.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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