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chav glock...


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dave is correct.


ever the religous scholar, he is.


although the picture may have been removed in more recent prints. most novels are edited in some way when revising editions :)


anyway, old picture is old!

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How so?


I don't know the details but his local police force found the posters online and arrested him. I think when it went to court he was let of because the posters where "satire"* rather than serious "for sale" items.


The local equivalent of the daily mail had a field day.




*who'da thunkit!

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Think he is searching under the sofa for his 'Satire for Dummies' book.




He won't find it, I Ninja'd in there and spirited it away.


I did leave a copy of Ninjitsu for XXXXXXX in there but he's going to have to think like a Ninja to find it.

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