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WE M16 VN/Open Bolt

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leave it as it is you mean ?

Just substitute the original black plastic valve with another that gives you the fps you need. I've tried several ways of lowering the muzzle speed of my pistols, from making new valves -some even in wood- to adding shims so the valve is further in. All mods have worked nicely, and I'm sure they won't move, unlike the NPAS.

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Finally got hold of my RA-Tech custom M16A1.


First impressions are im pretty stoked with it. The kick is awesome and the cool down isn't too bad really.


The only thing i noticed is the hammer has to come right back to trip the valve locker. So far back that it doesn't trip sometimes when i pull the charging handle. Won't be a hard fix, but a bit odd.


Other wise im really happy with it so far. Need to pay it off and get it into the field/buy the steel carrier when its released :D

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