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Iron Airsoft HK M320A1 grenade launcher review.

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Evening all, and welcome to my review of the new Iron Airsoft HK M320A1 airsoft 40mm grenade launcher.



From Wikipedia:


The M320 Grenade Launcher Module (GLM) is the U.S. Military's designation for a new single-shot 40 mm grenade launcher system to replace the M203.


Like the M203 it replaces, the M320 uses the same High-Low Propulsion System. (US Army) at Picatinny Arsenal conducted a competitive bidding process for a new 40 mm grenade launching system, Heckler & Koch was awarded a contract to provide the XM320 beginning in 2006. The M320 was developed from but is not identical to the Heckler & Koch AG36 (a key distinguishing feature being the addition of a folding foregrip ahead of the trigger for use when the weapon is in stand-alone configuration, a feature the AG36 lacks). The M320 entered production in November 2008. The unit was officially fielded in July 2009 at Fort Bragg by the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division.


I got my new Iron Airsoft HK M320 from Ebairsoft, for $260 excluding shipping and customs. This is quite a bit for a launcher, more than even my G&P M203s, my previous 40mm option of choice, so I'm glad to say first off that though value for money is open to debate, the IA M320 is a very nice bit of kit and thankfully, not a lemon!




The 320 ships in a plain white cardboard box, containing manual, launcher and detachable front sight. The box is not that sturdy but thankfully it was well padded inside; the launcher arrived unscathed.




The front sight is attachable to the launcher by two allen points; the only assembly this baby needs. The sight is abs, as is the grip- I can't tell if the tube is or not, but feels like metal.

Though the sight looks slightly flimsy, it's actually pretty sturdy and much more robust than my G&P M203 sight I have on my other M4 currently.


One nice surprise is the trades- I'd thought they didn't come with them, but there's a pretty solid looking set on the side with 'Made in Germany' and a bunch of other official looking bits that will hopefully appease you tradewhores




The retractable stock on the launcher sits in a rail-wide groove down the top; this is also the part that allows it to attach to a standard RIS rail. The stock is comfortable, with rubberised pad at the back and is well built and solid- no risk of this thing snapping. It also has a one point sling mount on the back. The stock is a little short for someone my size to use comfortably but it does the job!



The front foregrip is removable by allen keys if you so wish; I intend to put a taclight on that rail for CQB.



To remove the stock, you simply hold down the lever on the side and pull a catch on the front of the stock rail; the stock then slides off, leaving a groove ready to slot onto your rifle.



Fitting to a rail is simple and quick, though I found slight wobble in the mount- I fixed this with a bit of black nasty tape and had no further problems.







Loading and operating the 320 is easy; press the catch above the trigger to pop the tube out to the side, slot in your grenade, lock it back in, slip the safety off and fire.



Compared to the hassle I've always found 203s, the 320 is simple and easy to operate with one hand- especially useful when mounted on the m4. I've run half a dozen grenades through this today and not had a problem.



Build quality is impressive- it's very light, actually lighter than my sidearm (Nova-kit 1911), but it feels solid and well built.



Only minor quibble I've had is that the spring to open it feels a bit weak; though you can easily push the tube out if it gets stiff, it occasionally does stick a little. Very minor though.



At the end of the day, it is a bit of drainpipe with a trigger, but for something a bit different it's a nice bit of kit; though 260 dollars is a lot, if you want to use grenade launchers on all your AEGs this would actually save cash- cheaper one launcher on all of them than a launcher for each one.





+ Lightweight but sturdy.

+ Easy to use with simple controls.

+ Versatile- mounts easily to any rail and has a standalone option as standard.

+ Decent trades.


- Spring seems a little weak but not a major problem.

- At $260 dollars it isn't cheap.



All in all, I like this a lot. Got three kills with it today and really enjoyed putting it through its paces. If you're willing to shell out that much money on an airsoft grenade launcher, this is a lightweight and sturdy bit of kit that's different from your usual plethora of 203s and much easier to use.




I'll be posting up two short video replies in a bit when they finish converting...

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Good to hear they are functional - but at 260USD I'd *fruitcage* well expect them to be!


I really, really wanted one of these when they were announced, but as they cost as much as two AEGs plus shipping, I can't really justify it. :(

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Thing is I had two barrel mounted 203s, one for each of my rifles anyway (the fact neither of them properly fit DD railed M4s is beside the point)- this is cheaper than two of those, and doesnt' work out as THAT much more than a brand new 203 at UK prices.


Way I see it is that for someone serious about their 40mm, this would be a better investment than multiple launchers as it's so versatile.

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I agree with Dave's review. I got my M320 yesterday, just to add, my ICS shells didn't fit and my only criticism would be the weak spring that opens the launcher, also mentioned by Dave in his review.


The barrel is aluminium, inside the barrel is a plastic sleeve that is 'rifled', the inner diameter is too small to fit the ICS grenades. I could not remove the sleeve, I guess it's glued in place, but I was able to use a dremel to remove about an inch of material allowing my grenades to fit perfectly, so it is an easy fix.


The weak spring actually broke when I put the launcher back together. I had a spare spring from an M249 top cover, which fits without modification and now makes the launcher open instantly. Guarder sell a replacement spring for an M249 top cover so they are fairly easy to obtain.


All in all, I'm really pleased and very surprised at the high quality.

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