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  1. Shameless repost from the G3 thread:
  2. DIrty AUG is dirty TM HC base, KA phantom kit, JG barrel front end to mount it.
  3. Vice


    My VSR10 For sale
  4. Managed to pick up a KA Ultimak rail second hand for a very nice price. Here's a quick and nasty pic of it mounted to a CYMA AIMS.
  5. Need longer straps for a clone ops core, any suggestions?

  6. Cant believe I haven't posted in this thread yet: My pride and joy. Shoots better than it looks
  7. anyone know if there is guide to converting 6pin Sordin lemo connector to 5 pin PRR lemo?

    1. Bando


      a bolt cutter


  8. T1: Op Sandstorm on Friday! Cannot wait

    1. Azubi


      Have fun! I wish I could make it!

    2. Vice


      Don't want to rub it in, but its going to be better than blackheart and jawbreaker

  9. A&K - Where's my PKM?

    1. aznriptide859


      A&K WHERE IS MY MG42?!

    2. WhiteHawksan


      You know what? Where's my money?!

  10. I *think* its the old G&G G3 RIS, the one they made before the GARS G3 RIS. Good luck finding one Ivan: That's a stunner. I hate armalites but that is lovely.
  11. Thanks guys. I have a G3 and a UBR fetish.. not good They are ACM clones though, I cant justify the full price for a PTS one unfortunately, the stocks would end up costing more than I paid for the CA G3s!. The magpuls and the RVG's are PTS though. I know what you mean about a slant, however I think the sudden drop fits with the solid lines of the barrel and cocking tube.
  12. Got another UBR stock today:
  13. Hello, In my experience no. I tried mate an LCT AMD65 front end with a CYMA050 (Romanian AIMS) receiver. The outer barrel on the LCT is wider than the cyma, and the block attached to it (forgot the name) is thinner. I have not tried the other way round (cyma barrel on LCT receiver..) It would probably be possible with some sanding, however I was unwilling to go to town on either piece so aquired an LCT receiver.
  14. How to waste an evening part 1: Fitting R Hop contact patches

  15. Dont you just hate it when project plans get scuppered :(

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