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RPG-18 one day build

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So, I didn't found any cheap ones and I was bored so I decided to make one myself.

I built it in only one day, the sights, the covers and the trigger are missing, but those will be made an other day.

The all is made of pvc.

My goal was not make a 100% realistic and accurate thing, only make it as fast and cheap as I can, because I will need some more in the future, so this is just the first step of a biger project.


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M72 are actually pretty cheap... atleast over here... most seem to go for around 50 euro in Milshows and meets...

They are mostly A2 and A3 models...



The website linked is from an army stock who attends Ciney militaria, Gent militaria and other shows over here in Belgium, 

35 euro for second choice models, (missing sights, other small damage) and brand new de-mil for 50 euro...


How are prices over in Finland and surrounding countries ?

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Well, then balki be our broker and arrange the sending of one crate, for 20€ a piece it is a must in any situation (unless S&H is a pin in the pocket) and if you add the "nerf launcher with a 40mms upgrade" I could use it even in CQB

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