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  1. Can you guys point me where to get the top rail without sights? One that fits CA's G36K Such as Showen has two couple posts above me: http://www.victorymarket.net/forum/data/attachment/album/201405/12/234300kyc12x3yk52fx1k1.jpg HK/EU shops are good to go, can't be bothered with US. Thanks!
  2. Crye Precision AVS - Verseidag soft armor - SAPI plates Crye Assaulter backpanel Crye AVS pad set Crye AVS radio pouch x2 HSGI TACO x3 First Spear AK47 pouch TYR tactical hydro w/ 1,5L source
  3. Now I discussed this in PM with Dave because I didn't want to derail this thread. At this point I apologize to site admins but there's some serious pants-on-head-retardness in above post that I just have to react. Congratulations jal3 for opening a whole new page because you felt amused. Is it what this thread is for? "Pictures of you in the field or at a game" Sorry, doesn't seem like it. While I can see there might be something amusing in my post, let me explain myself: The picture I use as an avatar indeed portraits me. Well it did about four years ago. It's also avatar sized, not 3000x20
  4. Only reason I am covering it, is because I am active duty MIL and don't want my face all over the internets.
  5. Crye AVS 3x HSGI Taco 1x HSGI double-taco ATS MBITR Crye AVS MBITR 2x U94 Crye assaulter backpanel
  6. TYR gunfighter belt Eagle 9mm FB First spear dump pouch LBT 9022 IFAK Safariland 6280 (G17 + TLR1)
  7. Eagle RRV ATS IFAK Mora knife 3x First spear AK47 First spear admin HGG PRC-152 First spear dump pouch
  8. The issued one with small defects, straight from the factory. I can't really comment anything else.
  9. And here's my RK95 in its current form. Made to look as modern as it can nowadays. These addons resemble the parts that are currently issued. I have had them CNC made for me and few of my friends. Unfortunately these are made of unobtanium. Here is a picture of a real RK95 with such parts: http://www.puolustusvoimat.fi/wcm/57b48f804c5e77c5a70def995d39929a/RK+3.jpg?MOD=AJPERES&CACHEID=57b48f804c5e77c5a70def995d39929a And by the way, someone needs to sell me that G&P 4x35 (TA11) so I can complete it.
  10. CA Mp5A3 made to look like how it is used by our tip of the spear nowadays CA MP5A3 B&T G&P LED handguard Aimpoint M4* Double-mag thingy TAGin 1-point sling
  11. A Stark Arms G17 w/CNC slide and full markings - Streamlight TLR-1 - +2 mag plates
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