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KPS-01 GBB Pistol


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This is an old project of mine, started in mid to late 2016. It was to be my first gbb at the time, however after a few setbacks with dimensions and general lack of ideas, i wound up setting it to the side for later.


I then proceeded to forget about it for the rest of 2016 and most of 2017. I had gotten the frame mostly done at the time that i put it aside, including the firing system, which works similarly to a ghk aug. But my attempts at making a slide all failed.


So, I found it in a sock drawer a few weeks ago, and decided it was too far along to not finish, so having some more experience now, i decided to finish the rest of the parts. In the past 3 weeks or so, i have gotten fairly far along on the slide and barrel portions.


Now some pics. Its a bit of a wierd looking gun. Kind of like a Webley Mk1 ate a colt 1911. In fact it uses a kwa ns2 1911 magazine. The one im using for testing has a machined baseplate on it, but it will take stock mags just fine, at least 1911a1 types.






Some of the parts will be re visited. I plan to redo the front and rear sights for one. The rear sight is too small and the front too large.






There is no safety or slidelock. Yet. those will be some of the parts i have to make next.




The ejection port is on the top, like a webley. i plan to stick the hopup adjuster somewhere in there.



Like the Webley, there is no great place to put a conventional return spring. Rather then using a claw system, my solution was to use a pair of extension springs, running around the magazine well to return the slide.




The gun is single action only, and has a combination trigger bar and disconnector. Since i have no torsion springs to use, the disconnector also uses an extension spring.


So, over the next few weeks, I plan to finish off the blowback unit, and the hopup chamber. Then i will figure out the slidelock. I might try to figure out a safety before everything else though. I might just settle for a fixed hopup, because its not like itll get used much.


I dont think its going to be efficient or anything, but a lot of it was designed almost 2 years ago. I'll be pretty happy if works at all, honestly.


Ill post updates as I get new parts done.


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That is pretty cool, the slide return springs are like a DE? The looks of it remind me of a gun that could be on batman the animated series or original transformers.

More like the opposite of a desert eagle, since these springs extend under recoil rather then compress. It was the best i could think of, given the small space and the materials i have available.



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Made a bunch of progress, but mostly on small things. The slide catch is now installed and functions, though the slide doesnt yet have a notch for it, i want to wait until i see how far it travels in operation first before cutting that.





I also made the front sight smaller, and reprofiled the whole grip so its rounder and a bit more comfortable to hold.




Still havent figured out a safety or made the bbu yet, but those will be started soon.

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I was going to post pics as I went along, but no one really seemed to be interested. So I just went ahead and finished it.


The loading nozzle and bbu wound up being modelled after a gbb rifle type just due to diameter constraints. So its closer to a WE or GHK M4 internally then it is to a TM pistol.


It works decently well, kinda like old first gen gbb pistols. Kinda slow, chunky recoil. Im not sure how efficient it is, because my kwa mags all seem to not want to take much gas in them. probably need new fill valves. But, it works well enough that i consider it a working prototype. It certainly works well enough to use in a game, even if i wouldnt really want to.


Still no safety though. im still trying to figure out where i would put that.


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Ahhhhhhh. ok. well.. that might be possible. though, one of the oddities stemming from this being a two year old design, is that theres actually a screw in the face of the trigger that connects it to the trigger bar (And klets you adjust where the trigger sits), so i might not be able to add anything there.


Theres... quite a bit of wierdness to the design, really...

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I've continued working on this, in an attempt to make it a little more aesthetically pleasing. I went through a number of slide designs and Ive eventually settled on the fourth revision looking the best. There were 5 in total. I also made new grip panels with a bit more flourish, though i intend to make a pair of checkered walnut grips once ive gotten some decent checkering tools. For now, they are red oak with vertical lines.


The 4th revision slide has better markings as well, even though my budget lettering stamps have no two letters aligned the same between stamps.










None of the changes affect anything other then the look, i just wanted to make it a bit less blocky looking.







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Nah the problem isnt lining the stamps up, i already made a jig for that. The problem is that the stamps are cheap. The letters are rotated and centered differently on every stamp, so lining them up perfctly makes it look like you were drunk.


I need to just buy better ones that arent  all essentially random.

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This pistol has character, and I wouldn't mind one in my collection.

It's also retro-looking enoygh that engraved handwriting font markings wouldn't look thst off on it. But I think you're running a consistent style on your home-made items, so swapping now would be a bit of eeparture.

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