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  1. Well, from what I understand, TM don't export their ghuns themselves, it's someone buying their stuff wholesale, and then exporting it. But hey, what is obviosu is that no matter how much we whine, TM isn't interested in us as a market.
  2. Well, it's not like cars are extremely restricted, and Toyota was making a moped-engined car that could be switched for motorcycle engine in couple of minutes. The analogy is a bit off, due to the level of restriction on the end result of the quick modification. It's closer to the issue with the snap-on carbine kits in the USA where manufacturers have been burned by the 'SBR conversion' rulings.
  3. Wingmann, whilke nice, it'd be tantamount of handing the judicial side in Japan the rope to hang them. The Japanese gun laws are rigid as heck, with stiff penalties to those who are found in violation. And let's be honest, for Marui, their other business, making model cars, trains and the like, is the actual money maker in Japanese market, and the airsofts are a side to that. If the side threatens the whole company, it will be divested, no matter how much we here outside Japan try to moan about it.
  4. I'd say 'no' on GHK GBBr barrels fitting on AEG AUGs.
  5. Looks like a M1A1 Thompson with chopped P90 used as the furniture? WE gbbr?
  6. I think that's EU decision to try to focus our buying into EU internal market... Pity our airsoft production is hampered by the licensing sharks Cyberscum and Umar€x...
  7. Well, it'd depend on what version of TM. They have the old AEGS, they have Recoil Shocks which are newer, and they even have their own GBBr system now, but for 733, I think they don't offer it in newer internals yet. 733 is a bit harder to find, anyway, most offer 933, the flattop body with railed front-end, you'd end up hunting for parts...
  8. Well, I know why ASG isn't putting their engine in an MP5. They don't have the license, it's Cybergun if I recall right, and if you want EVO engine in MP5, you need to pay the extortion price, especially since ASG is European company, and thus easily litigated by the rights lcienser. If I recall right, ASG was negotiating directly with CZ for the EVO airsoft rights before the gun was off the drawing board. I think they have similar or close to it deal with the CZ 805 BREN family of rifles...
  9. MP5 would be a bit neat if they pulled their Breacher stunt on us, and it was GBBr with Maruit reliability. But like hitman said, they'd have to get it 'right' externally too to really stand out.
  10. NonEx, Gary Gordon was a Delta who died in Black Hawk Down incident in Mogadishu. Got a Posthumous Medla of Honour for it. wardaddy, there's an old, long thread where people were indeed doing the research on what kit was used there and by whom.
  11. Could be they want toi play it safe for insurance. Or they ahve higher-than-average amount of people who badger an inch into mile, so go for the harsh 'No' to all deviations just to keep things from escalating?
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