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  1. They denied that they were working on the Uzi ever since someone noticed one in the back of early Sten work in progress photos, so it's not like they couldn't say one, and then roll out something else couple of years later. As for police use of 16" barrel carbines, that's something that I am not too certain about either. Police in Europe did use semi-only versions of SMGs as supplement to sidearms, but don't know if they had same with Uzis...
  2. NE does so many variations on their limited Smgs, that I am holding back a bit for wood stocked 16" barrel police carbine.
  3. Northeast Airsoft is releasing MP2 GBB, or more recognizably, West German Uzi smg. Available for pre-order at least on KicBB.
  4. Hey, what kind of hexwrench do you guys use to take the optical sight off to put a rail on top? I haven't fonud short enough hex head to fit in there. Not that the optic is that bad, but using the 'short carbine' barrel kit, I'd like a red dot instead of the scope for the close engagement range.
  5. Putting a TM shotgun guts in there would eman they sell maybe 50 of these over next 5-10 years. Building it around the AAP-01, which seems ot be the leading 'basic guts gun' right now for any 'weird kits' guns, makes sense because you don't have to gut/saw anything -really- expensive to fit it into the shell.
  6. Funny thing, there's now a full-stocked version of the HwaSan available from factory. Which probably is better fit than adapting one from something else. Like the one I have...
  7. You have odd definition of 'normal game'... But it's neat. Probably too much wool to call it cool in that kind of location...
  8. You started looking at that lowest one, too? Thompson with AK frontend furniture and AKSU stock?
  9. It's 100% electric, from chinese SuperSoco. Spokes are not that rare in this kind of cafe racers, and one of the 'discs' at rear is actually the electric hub motor.
  10. Well, it's always entertaining, even if it's almost always some warped kind of abomination...
  11. Well, from what I understand, TM don't export their ghuns themselves, it's someone buying their stuff wholesale, and then exporting it. But hey, what is obviosu is that no matter how much we whine, TM isn't interested in us as a market.
  12. Well, it's not like cars are extremely restricted, and Toyota was making a moped-engined car that could be switched for motorcycle engine in couple of minutes. The analogy is a bit off, due to the level of restriction on the end result of the quick modification. It's closer to the issue with the snap-on carbine kits in the USA where manufacturers have been burned by the 'SBR conversion' rulings.
  13. Wingmann, whilke nice, it'd be tantamount of handing the judicial side in Japan the rope to hang them. The Japanese gun laws are rigid as heck, with stiff penalties to those who are found in violation. And let's be honest, for Marui, their other business, making model cars, trains and the like, is the actual money maker in Japanese market, and the airsofts are a side to that. If the side threatens the whole company, it will be divested, no matter how much we here outside Japan try to moan about it.
  14. I'd say 'no' on GHK GBBr barrels fitting on AEG AUGs.
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