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  1. Would this fit railed frame P229?
  2. Hey, what kind of hexwrench do you guys use to take the optical sight off to put a rail on top? I haven't fonud short enough hex head to fit in there. Not that the optic is that bad, but using the 'short carbine' barrel kit, I'd like a red dot instead of the scope for the close engagement range.
  3. Funny thing, there's now a full-stocked version of the HwaSan available from factory. Which probably is better fit than adapting one from something else. Like the one I have...
  4. You have odd definition of 'normal game'... But it's neat. Probably too much wool to call it cool in that kind of location...
  5. You started looking at that lowest one, too? Thompson with AK frontend furniture and AKSU stock?
  6. It's 100% electric, from chinese SuperSoco. Spokes are not that rare in this kind of cafe racers, and one of the 'discs' at rear is actually the electric hub motor.
  7. Well, it's always entertaining, even if it's almost always some warped kind of abomination...
  8. Looks like a M1A1 Thompson with chopped P90 used as the furniture? WE gbbr?
  9. Well, it'd depend on what version of TM. They have the old AEGS, they have Recoil Shocks which are newer, and they even have their own GBBr system now, but for 733, I think they don't offer it in newer internals yet. 733 is a bit harder to find, anyway, most offer 933, the flattop body with railed front-end, you'd end up hunting for parts...
  10. One observation, condensed view finally works again.
  11. My HK3P(WE) HK416. It isn't in its final form, but right now I wouldn't be able to get any of the bits I might want for it, because Finland is somewhat down on the cargo routes.
  12. Gah, shows me how to browse when mentally occupied, I was sure it was PPK... Heh... But yeah, blasphemy, but I haven't watched any of the John Wick movies... I don't wtach much movies or TV anymore... 😕
  13. PPK, but don't recognize the engraving on the slide... And what is the story of the coins?
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