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Cybergun/KWC Desert Eagle L6 GBB pistol


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Just saw this on Cyberguns Facebook page. At first I thought it was a new model/variant of the Cybergun/WE Desert Eagle pistol but on closer inspection it seems to be KWC OEM... :(


Too bad since this is my favorite Desert Eagle model and I liked the WE pistol and would totally get this if it wasn't KWC OEM:ed.

Rails on top and bottom, "Hogue" rubber grips and compensator.
EDIT: I removed my "Love" Like after realizing it's KWC OEM... meh!
Unfortunately, when looking at the image in full size, it appears they will be doing this with a fire selector for full-auto, semi and safe :(
Which I absolutely hate! But it is standard on the KWC Desert Eagle pistols so I guess that's why...
KWC has a plastic frame too as far as I know so that kinda sucks too...
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Cool, im up for buying one when i can. I was planning on getting a WE at some point, but im not apposed to the KWC system, iv'e owned a few. Actually, i still own one that doesn't work. 

Hopefully they revamped the system a bit. everything they put out now seems to be OK since the 1911 (aside the ROF on the broomhandle). if not, thats ok. their CO2 DE always did work well as long at you maintained the barrel or it would shoot the inner barrel out in the middle of a match.

i do love me some overly tacticool deagle action.

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