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DAS AK Series by GBLS in 2020


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Cool I guess but this is a very bizarre choice of model...

I guess it's replicating something like this? 

Feel like anyone who would pay the price of DAS would want the feature of a normal AK given one buys a DAS for its realism, can't figure out who would spend that amount of money for an AK that doesn't have the same ergonomics as your average AK. 

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I was terribly unimpressed by the M4 models, ludicrous price point aside.

- Terribad hop up unit choice (WA GBB M4),  patched over with another terribad 'upgrade' (5KU clone of the Prime replacement unit that uses AEG spec rubbers and barrels)
- Incredibly small cylinder volume necessitation stupid heavy spring to get reasonable FPS output
- uses a GATE Pico mosfet to drive the system, which is right on the edge of being unable to deal with the current draw from the incredibly inefficient system
- uses a Star Wei 30k motor with an extended armature which is a good motor, but they should have gone with a torque-ier model like the 22K
- Magazines cost £1 per bb they hold
- AEG requires a second mortage to buy
- Mini deans connectors on a system that draws 40A avg in full auto, what the actual *fruitcage*

Doubt there's much hope of improvement here.

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