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'All Your Base'

Dmitri Kalashnikov

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Ugh...I hate the fact that I have to tell you guys this, but, it's better now to give you the heads up.


I've REALLY gotten into doing this series, and I LOVE you guys' support for it. So much, that I actually want to make this an actual comic. The problem? I'm using copyrighted materials for backgrounds, which means my *albartroth* would be sued silly in no time if I tried to get this published online and IRL. Now, DON'T PANIC, as I will contiue to make more of this series. The catch? Well, I need to redo the entire series pretty much so that the backgrounds are photos I have personally taken myself. No need to worry, like I said, the series WILL continue on; I just need to take a break from dishing out new stuff to tweak the backgrounds of the previous pages to make them into my own work 100%.


So, until further notice, "All Your Base" is taking a break to fix itself up. I promise I won't erase over the images of my characters or their speech bubbles or guns, etc. In fact I'm going to find better pictures of backgrounds that fit the scenes better.


Well, I guess this is farewell for now, and to quote McArthur:


"I shall return!"


And just because I love you guys here so much, here's page 016, the last new page until I fix this minor problem.



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I h ave to admit, I am enjoying this comic quite a bit! If you need any help with background pictures, I am sure many of us out here could email you pictures of our playing sites that would help you out and give you a wider variety of terrain to use.

One thing that you might find amusing to try, add your characters to a team picture of your actual airsoft team and post it, I bet the other players on here would think that pretty cool!

Keep up the good work, nice to have someone else on here that likes the AK and makes a comic about it!

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Dees: thanks for the offers, but I'm going to use terrain around my step-dad's house since it's like a freaking jungle out there.


Zootso: That little line about Frosty was made especially for you, pal. Heh heh. I wonder what would happen if we did a crossover with our characters and have our teams mix up Frosty and Slovak. lol


Pandemic: I'm using a mouse, actually. I don't have any money to get a pad for my comp, but actually, I drew this a lot neater than I tried with simple pen and paper.


Jimmehr: I'm not sure what that is. Is that when you make the image small and clickable to a larger version?

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Jimmehr: I'm not sure what that is.  Is that when you make the image small and clickable to a larger version?


When you've made the comic, instead of saving/compressing it as a jpeg, save/compress it as a png, it has less quality loss with no artifacts (the small semi transparent squares around the edges of jpeg pictures)


I've uploaded two examples for you i just knocked up in paint, you'll see the artifacting i mean, they're the same as what you have around the edge of all of your characters and items etc.


(Enlarge the pics)



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I have only six more pages of backgrounds to erase, and then, it's a matter of sprucing up the picture with the new backgrounds and stuff.


Like I said before, I should be done by the end of this month at the latest (assuming finals don't do me in, lol), and I also have a nice little surprise in store for you guys (a GOOD one, mind you). Well, until then, it's back to the grind-stone. Ten-hut!

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