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  1. systema

    Videos Thread !

    Muzzle Flash ^^ Video Name: muzzle_xvid Weapon(s): CA M15A4 Tactical Carbine (Stock) Type(s): AEG Video Type : .avi Video Size : large Video Length : 12secs Preview Picture: none Credits to: minorcrisis.net Shot by: me Editted by: friend Hosted by: friend http://minorcrisis.net/files/muzzle_xvid.avi
  2. systema

    Videos Thread !

    It's an american thing? ( )
  3. systema

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    Looks like it feeds.
  4. systema

    Videos Thread !

    Right-click, Save Target As... http://www.fileh.com/bleu/airsoft/GG-GR-16_shoot-01.MPG Video Name : GG-GR-16_shoot-01.MPG Weapon(s)/Objective item(s) : G&G GR-16a2 (first batch) Type(s) : AEG Video Type : .mpg Video Size : 10.1MB Video Length : 00:29 Other Note : Semi/Full Auto (burst) Preview Picture : Credits to : me Made by : me Hosted by : me Sorry if my server is a bit slow, and the camera quality. More to come soon.
  5. systema

    H&K Series.

    MP5k, G3, USP ect.

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