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  1. Speaking of, would you (or anyone) know where to source a cheap MICH-02 ACU helmet cover?
  2. Man, haven't been around here in a while. Looks like people finally decided to upgrade their digi-cams, heh. Great show, everyone.
  3. systema

    Armalite Pictures

    Plain and simple is the way to go.
  4. I strangly like it (comes decently close to the guns they use in GITS)
  5. Post it here: http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...showtopic=58859
  6. Nice...based off a MC-51? Oh, props for not starting your own "guns made by Schwaben Arms" thread
  7. Body needs to be painted, don't you say?
  8. @ash^ Must be tiresome lugging around 15lbs.. but come to think about it, along with the hydration, it doesn't seem that bad. @WESLEYoSEVEN Mm..multicam, very nice. I kind of regret buying ACU camo when clearly multicam works 99x better (for the environment around here anyways).
  9. Muzzle Flash ^^ Video Name: muzzle_xvid Weapon(s): CA M15A4 Tactical Carbine (Stock) Type(s): AEG Video Type : .avi Video Size : large Video Length : 12secs Preview Picture: none Credits to: minorcrisis.net Shot by: me Editted by: friend Hosted by: friend http://minorcrisis.net/files/muzzle_xvid.avi
  10. Can you weigh that and tell me the result? I'm curious
  11. Bored, so... ...AEG stock pile. Se7en total. Name them all (base guns). PS. No I didn't put them all in a pile for randomness sake. I really have no *fruitcaging* ROOM in my ROOM.
  12. That looks awesome. What parts did you use?
  13. systema

    Armalite Pictures

    I use to make a big fuss about that. Then I decided when I put on my airsoft goggles and neoprene face mask, mesh face mask, or gas mask, I didn't want to bend my neck that much so as to feel uncomfortable when aiming. With the respirator, I couldn't even align my eyesight with the optic. But if it works for you, by all means. Also, I'd think that HOB wouldn't really play much difference in the world of airsoft, simply because typically not many AEGs are accurate enough for it to become a noticable factor. An inch higher or lower wouldn't make that much difference, IMO.
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