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Marui AEP H&K Mp7 A1 preview on Marui website

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And... It came today! Finally. :D


Mine came in today as well. Wonderful gun, but the magazine it comes with is a pain in the *albatross*. To remove it I have to reposition my grip and hold down the release while yanking out the mag with my left hand. The stubborn thing doesn't budge on its own.

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Actually it just needs to be "broken in" , after a few magazine changes and abit of sillicone elbow grease its slick as ever.


Mind you its a good thing it doesn't just fall out, they are pretty small already.


Can't wait for the Hi-cap mags though. hopefully it'll be 100+ but i'll be hapy with just the 100, and who knows maybe it will be heavy enough to fall free?


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