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    WA Kimber MARSOC w/ rubber Hogue grips.
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    Are you pondering what I'm pondering, Pinkie?
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  1. im decoding your backdoor

  2. I will for sure once I get another shoot up and running. My Kimber is my only gun right now (ICS MP5 and M4 are long gone), and with my recent photography hobby, I've just realized how much fun it is to get closeups of.
  3. My new desktop, it's almost playoffs time EDIT: Here's my old one that I was using before,
  4. There, I hosted it because I find it quite funny
  5. I'd fill in a few of the gaps, then i'd look fine IMO.
  6. Wow, that made me want a Crown Vic really bad
  7. Heh, I've got the exact same setup on my Kimber
  8. Yeah, they said that would happen in health class. Only makes sense if you've seen the movie
  9. Was gonna post some pics of my 97 E320, but it's monsoon season and impossible to keep clean . My poor baby.
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