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TM14 SOCOM release date from Echigoya et al

The Saint

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From http://echigoya.co.jp/tokyo/info.html


For those of you with Japanese encoding.

東京マルイ M14 SOCOM

12月8日 発売決定

販売価格 未定(決まり次第お知らせいたします)





The above corresponds with a claim from Noda-ya: http://www2.noda-ya.com/guntop.htm which also lists a December 18th release date.


Furthermore, Fortress lists the same: http://fortress.pk.shopserve.jp/hpgen/HPB/...ories/8827.html


Then we have http://www.gunshopyouyou.com/ with the same date, and I think I'm going to stop looking now.


So there you have it folks, unless this is one of those phenomenon in which someone makes up a piece of news and other people cluelessly run with it, TM14 SOCOM will be released December 8th.


Gond only knows when the rest of the world will get it.

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Went to the Shot Show in Osaka today and I was talking with the guys on the Marui stand and they confirmed it was indeed the December 8th for the M14 SOCOM. The gun has a really nice black finish on the stock and feels just as solid as it's big brother. My mate was so impressed he vowed to pick one on release day.


They also had a what looked to be a complete version of the new USP AEP and a mech box and frame for Skorpion AEP as well but they were behind glass. I curse myself for not asking the Marui guys when they were out too, but from what I saw I'd guess the USP will be really early in the new year. The Beretta 92f was only in clay model form.

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Release date is now 9th December in Japan, we have our order in, as to mags the Marui picture shows a full sized M14 mag as does the Springfield Socom 16, although they do mention that for US sales of the real Steel Version that those larger mags are now illegal.


I assume the Marui M14 Socom will come with the usual standard Low Cap and that the M14 440 high will be the optional extra..



Real Steel Picture and Marui's



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