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Marushin XM177E2 Plug-Fire Review

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You can use magnesium powder in short barreled open barrel guns to create muzzle flashes. Add some powdered coal as the flash is white. I think it is not possible with the Marushin rifles as the gas is is not directly vented out of the barrel.


Wa Shan makes full metal pistols with open barrels which are cheap and most durable choice. Stay away from Tanaka guns! They are absolute ###### with plastic everything...


http://www.gunsnguys.com/home_ns.htm for example here is a good selection of pfc guns. Good retailer. Prices are in HKD.


Heres a video shot with added magnesium.

MGC M11 is begging for a video with added magnesium...
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Actually they are among the more reliable retailers. Have done business with them for a decade. They used to be bigger but have since diminished & lost popularity but still keeping some unique items such as escort powered guns & PFC guns & accessories. The website design is among those unique things too just like dentrinity..

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