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Qun Wei Shell Ejecting Shotty!

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Okay, Here is the thread for the shell ejecting shotty made by the chinese company qun wei! Well, Kind of. I don't have it yet, As I'm picking it up about midday today :P So you'll have to wait 'till then! However, I thought I'd go ahead and get the thread made so I don't forget about it ;)


Until then, you can have some stats and facts on the gun, as well as some pictures gleaned from the sunnywarehouse website!


As you'll be able to see from the pictures below, it's a clone of an 870 style shotgun. It's got the usual RIS rail on the top (Most, if not all Chinese shotties have this...), and comes with a whole boxload of stuff. The list of what you get is under the pictures!






So, In the box is...


The Shotty

12 Blue Shells

Two Magazines (Hold 4 shells each, apparently)

Saftey Glasses

Red dot scope

Laser Sight



A few batteries (By the look of it)

And a small pack of BB's, as per usual.



The single report on the internet seems to confirm sunnywarehouse's claim that the shells hold between one and five BB's - They look to be a copy of the maruzen shells, but I'll have no way to confirm this, so someone else will have to look into it, if I disect a shell. As stated above, the magazines each hold four shells, and I guess you can store one in the breech, making a total of five shells.


Spring powered, as you'd expect for this price; 120 Hong Kong Dollars, Or about 16 US. It cost me a total of Twelve of my British pounds, which seems like a horrific price jump - But bear in mind that that DOES include shipping form HK and all the customs fees! If there's anyone who is in hong kong and can walk into the sunnywarehouse shop and pick one up, I'd recommend it - if only because it's a shell ejecting shotgun for meager money!


Unfortunatley, the only place with these things at the moment seems to be sunnywarehouse - so you'll have to deal with them to get hold of one fo tehm, and that means a complicated bank transfer, if memory serves me correctly. However, there *WILL* Be a UK retailer that'll be able to get these for you - I'm not going to name names, though, a the owner is still setting up said business, and I'm sure he doesn't want to be flooded with requests for people to get him X, Y and Z before he's even opened!



That's all I've got at the moment - stay tuned for more in about two hours - that's when I'll be getting back from collecting these ;)


Also to look out for - quick run-down of the BE SL8 and ANOTHER opinion on the warrior 1 L96 clone!

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jez a few quesitons


1) what kind of fps is it putting out (guesisng low around the 150 mark)


2) how far does it toss the shell


3) build quality, good bad or average and any issues


4) average range with .2


5) feel of the gun when cocking is it a strong pull or pretty naff


5) possibiltie of a solid stock attachment (looking at the CA 870 folder)

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Right, I probably should have posted a review, but, meh. I've been to busy playing with the damned thing! :D


May as well answer carrion's questions, as they seemr elevant :D


1) My chrono puts one of them at around 170-200 with a single 0.2 in a shell. haven't tested the others yet. Probably won't bother, I'm too busy and lazy.


2) The shell tossing range (oo-er!) Depends on how hard you pump it, due to how the ejection mechanism works. It can go a good metre or so with an good pump, though.


3) Build quality - it's quite good. The mags are quite sturdy for what they are, and the gun is nice too. Nothing spectacular, but then, you've gota consider the price. There's visible mold lines and seams, but, again - THE PRICE!


4) No idea on any real kind of range, and I'm in halls of residence at thge moment - I can't really take it outside and pin some targets up. Sorry!


5) The cocking action is nice and positive, makes a kick-*albartroth* sound on the one I have in my lap :D As it's a springer, it's got a nice bit of resistance to it, but nothing you'll need to struggle against. Nothing like the TM shotties, either.


6) I honestly can't comment on the posibility of a solid stock - I want to try it if I get hold of one for cheap, though. Pistol grip comes off, but I have no idea if what's left is a standard attachment type thingy. I'll get pics up if I can.



Other things to note: The cocking action is a wee bit fussy. It requires a nice positive action to cock properly. One thing you wouldn't think of is the return stroke - you have to give it a good old push right at the end to seat the grip back correctly and fully chamber the next shell. Just something to look out for, it's fine with practice.


The accessories are mainly tat - noticeably, the scope is a tube, nothing more. no LED or anything!


The gun doesn't have hop-up. Box says it does, but it doesn't. not realy surprising, really - how the heck could youn add it on this sort of thing?


The shells only really hold one round each, which is a bit of a let down. They have to go in the back, and there's nothing to stop any more BB's rolling out the front of the shell. Shame, really :(


There's the mother of all air leaks. I'm gona fix it with some small o-rings on my gun, which should hopefully give a VERY nice FPS boost. At least up to 280 or something, with any luck.


It looks possible, but not easy, to make the gun feed from the shell tube under the barrel. It holds the shells fine, but feeding them is the problem. AEG spring + some tricky things should do it, though.


Breech-loading is MUCH more fun than it seems :D


The shells are obviously not a copy of any other shells. They are, to be frank, rather rubbish. But, meh. They do the job and look nifty when flying out of the gun's ejector port! :D


That's all I can think of at the moment. Any mroe questions, just ask!

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on the subject of the shells.


look at the front. is there an oring front and back? if not get some and glue it inplace this will allow the shell to hold the bbs but if its to tight at a reduction in FPS


(this is what maruzen shells do)


thanks for that. im hopefully getting mine from rsov instead as i dont like Wester union and im to lazy to bank transfer

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Carrion - no, there's no front o-ring, meaning the shells only hold one in the hop-chamber like thingy at the back of the shells. I plan on getting a bunch of o-rings and sealing things up at some point, and making the shells hold more rounds is on my to do list!


Sandstorm - I haven't measured them yet, but they're about an inch long. that's about as good as it'll get for now, as the shotgun is packed away with all the shells ready to be taken to the skirmish, just for s***s and giggles ^_^

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However, there *WILL* Be a UK retailer that'll be able to get these for you - I'm not going to name names, though, a the owner is still setting up said business, and I'm sure he doesn't want to be flooded with requests for people to get him X, Y and Z before he's even opened!

Tell whoever it is to get a move on!



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  • 1 month later...

Sorry, I'd forgotten about that... Oops :P The retailer you're looking for is Blackdragon airsoft.


I'll say that again people - BLACKDRAGON AIRSOFT.


Pics may also be forthcoming. One of my shottys has developed a jam, so I'll have to take it apart at some point.

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More pics and a UK retailer, damn yuo!!!!




Airsoft mart have them...













...for £55






(Come on sledge, its even on arnies airsoft. You're getting old!)

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Hmm. I guess there's a problem with the hosting...


Mmkay then, the guy you want to contact mainly frequents ASCUK - You'll be after Felix_Jaeger - Not sure if he's around on arnies, but he probably is. Drop him a line and he should be able to sort something out, and for a LOT less than £55, too!


Seriously, £55 for this shotty is a total rip-off. It's good fun and great for a giggle, but no way is it worth that much money.

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