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    GP30 adapter for @Skarclaw 's 10" BCM M4, but can't help but install it on mine while testing things out. (note gap between grip is wider on mine than his due to different handguard and spacing between receiver and first keymod position) If only I owned a Perst laser.
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    Thought I'd share - we still "out here" @DrAlexanderTobacco, me ft paedo shades, @blobface, @hitmanNo2, non-arnies guy, @PureSilver at a private game at The Gaol. Also me at a night game - thanks to blob for the pic!
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    TM NGRS, work in progress, had to print a really thick adapter plate for it to work. Will chop down the front at some point too.
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    i figured i should show this here since its been a while. This is one of my current projects, a gas blowback s&w76. So far its mostly done, but i need to get the has efficiency to be better on auto, and i need to have sling bars tig welded on. Its a fairly even mix of machined and 3d printed parts. I mostly used 3d printing for parts that would be very complicated to machine (like the loading nozzle, the magwell, etc). this way if i wanted to make a second one, it wouldnt be nearly as hard as starting from scratch
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    Ive been able to get it a lot more efficient, but, im still working on getting it 'perfect'. In the meantime though, it can clear a short mag no problem now, so heres a video of it looking weird with a normal hicapa mag in it.
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    The Walther Thread is now archived, so I am leaving my tribute to the Legendary Sean Connery here. Maruzen with custom walnut grips. Tux by M&S.
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    Yeah, i've got a project in mind for the nickle version, though that will be determined when I can figure out what parts from the old model will work on the new. This is Maria, Benny's unique 9mm from Fallout New Vegas.
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    A new guy in the closet. Too bad it's not a GBBR but at least it exists.
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    I feel like I am not going to get much. But I am looking for someone who could help with a mill. I have an enigma S70 slide and I wanted to mill Heinie Classic sights on them. I have blueprints and the dovetail is .300"×65° which I would buy a cutter for. Blueprints attached. I hate to do all this by hand.
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    I'd seen those before and just thought they were some sort of cheapo, infomercial type product, however, I'll have a look into. I do suspect that the overall diameter will prevent me from using it as the nuts are very close to the manifold pipes. I've also found 'Metrinch' that bears on the flats and not the corners. Thanks for the idea. Tom.
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    Oh Jesus I've wanted one of these since Desperado came out in the nineties.
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    my man really do be out here with pehdoshades 😳
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    Element clone of a Princeton Tec Switch Rail
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    So you were the one that did that vid! I watched it before thinking about trying to see if I could fix the midcaps, but in the end figured I would just mess up. I just tried doing what you said was for the pps/shs hicap to my cyma one, and sure enough it worked. Weird because iirc the pps/shs ones were sold as apex here in the USA and often came with only a hicap flashmag that was more akin to the real bizon mag in length and thus would not work with the cyma/s&t/silverback. After a *suitcasey* day at work, this has made up for it, thank you!
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    Perfect for gunning down a load of drug dealers in a swimming pool.
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    My Striker project https://junglesairsoftblog.wordpress.com/2018/11/04/ares-amoeba-striker-as02-review-and-project-start/
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    UPDATE: It appears there may be something off with the green gas (Guarder) I used being old and nearly empty when I did the tests as well as the chronograph being dirty (I use GBBs almost exclusively and silicone oil + dirt may have built up on the sensors. Having gotten new gas (Puff Dino 12kg) and cleaned the chrono, the Makarov measured 262fps while the Grach did 277fps on .20g bbs. Also, decided to try out shortening trigger travel to resemble the position in single action mode. Instead of drilling the frame and inserting a pin to block the trigger, I simply fashioned a piece of abs plastic and glued it to the frame behind the trigger. The spacer measures 7x5x2.5mm.
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    Jag Arms Scattergun TSS Excellent clone of the Marui. Good gaseffeciency and has good precision and reach.
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    Well, I went and purchased a personal vehicle... First in 30 years... And still two-wheeled. A Chinese SuperSoco TC electric motorcycle in the 3kW power. that means it's classed as a moped. It's DARN lot of fun, even if I got it just today and didn't do a long ride to start off. And it's stylish as heck in the light brown and what they caal Vintage Green, which is just about as close to classic DARK British Racing Green as you can get things off the shelf.
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    From the Top: FTC Type 56 from late 1980s (HPA, GBB) WE AKM (GBB) BAS Vz.58 ( Springer) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have added a rifle since the picture was taken. The Sharps rifle (and the carbine ) fires Tanaka Cassiopeia 50cal shells.
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    Rig in progress.

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