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  1. my Dboys M4 with a new paint job, sorry about the terrible pictures!
  2. more likely the person/people with 'eyes' on just didnt take them off between games or something..
  3. it looks pretty cool, but i tend to dislike guns with every single part painted, if that makes sense (probably not), but i think it makes the gun look rather plastic and fake... not that my opinnion matters, but just my 2p, i do like the colours though
  4. your second point is wrong.. thats what the election is for, think before opening your mouth and umm, go away, america isnt exactly perfect is it, infact far from it, infact maybe one of the most hated countries in the world, so umm, yeah dont post again, please...
  5. i have the L86 with a blowback unit which i have yet to install, love it to pieces, but i need a susat or ACOG, but i havnt the moneis, anyways pics up soon
  6. i cant say for sure, but it looks to me like an M249 para flashider thats is slightly hidden under the RIS front set... everything is looking very nice though (apart from that see-through thing!!)
  7. very very well photoshopped i was just about to post saying you are a lucky ###### having a site that looks so much like the middle east! +1
  8. looks cool man! speedball type site?
  9. that does just take off the flashider i believe, like the MP5 the flashiders connect differently... maybe
  10. i knew that and it is.. though doesnt work too great in british woodland...
  11. cheers dude, im relatively new to using drop leg stuff, and the MOLLE system so suggestions on positioning welcome
  12. though my kit as a whole helluva lot ###### than your's i shall post away now i dont understand the whole 1st line 2nd line stuff... so im wearing from the bottom up: 5.11 ATAC side Zip boots 5.11 TDU bottoms viper drop leg/MOLLE dump pouch PROUD RAV (cheers for heads up skyler ) of some sort (got it of a mate) with: 4X double M16 mag pouches 1X fold up dump pouch 1X general purpose pouch type jobby 1X hydration pack with
  13. well i made the stencil using a kitchen knif so that narrowed it down to japanese symbols i could cut out easily 'power' is it not?
  14. i dont know if they count but its harder since they are of a person and not an object... the person being me...
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