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  1. I use the Crusader M21 repro.
  2. Thanks! It's a real Surefire 660, which can be hard to find, but not impossible. They aren't the best though, but they do look the part.
  3. Vipertech M16A4 GBBR with an Eotech 512 HWS + some real steel accessories
  4. My VFC MP5K-PDW GBB v2 all dressed up
  5. My VFC HK53 GBBR with a H&K claw mount with an Aimpoint 5000 and a Surefire torch handguard
  6. Hey again! Here is my Viper Tech GBBR with VLTOR MUR-1A style upper, Z-Parts VLTOR style 19mm BCG and a whole bunch of RS accessories! Sights, rail, furniture, CH and trigger guard as well as the buffer tube is all RS. Spent way too much on this thing, but I am in love!
  7. Thanks for the tip, I will check it out
  8. Me again with an update to my VFC MP5A5 Gen. 2 GBBR converted to A2 I got my hands on a real SureFire 628 handguard recently and it's amazing! It's UK Police surplus and shows sign of use, which is understandable considering it's 30+ years old at this point. Anyway, here's a few pics:
  9. Amazing collection! I love the detailed explanation of the different guns, it's clear you're invested into making these as "clone correct" as possible. Awesome
  10. A picture of my VFC G36KSK with a KAC repro front rail section, repro KAC rail/front sight as well as a HWO EXPS3 and a Black Cat DBAL
  11. Hey again all! I've made some changes to my rifles since the last time I posted any pictures so I though this was as good as an excuse as any to post some new ones You will see two replicas; a Viper Tech M16A2 (M703) with a real M203 heatshield/leaf sight, real A2 stock and a real A2 pistol grip combined with a G&P M203 underbarrel grenade launcher. The other one is a DNA M16A1 (M603) with a real USGI contract Aimpoint "gooseneck" scope mount, reproduction A2 handguards and a HWO Aimpoint M2 reproduction along with a real surplus M1 nylon web sling. I tried taking better p
  12. Got some updated pictures of my VFC MP5A3 v2 GBBR. Still has the H&K Claw mount and Aimpoint 5000 combo along with a VFC SF 628 repro forend torch as well as a VFC retractable stock and a G36 style sling. Added a detail shot for the fun of it
  13. Wow, that is a beautiful collection, muffe66!
  14. Just received my dNA M16A1, M603! Here it is with a repro sling, all stock
  15. Why thank you! It's just a bolted on piece of picatinny rail, not much to photograph really. I have since decided to barrel mount it via a SF M10 adapter instead:
  16. GHK AKM painted in tan with custom engravings, MP Zhukov stock w/ cheek riser, LCT Z-series "Classic" rails and a repro US Palm grip.
  17. My two GHKs; one 551 with an RS handguard and HW repro ACOG TA11 in SIG Grey and a 553 in black with a HW repro Aimpoint T-2
  18. My VFC MP5 GBBRs, both ver. 2. One MP5K-PDW and one MP5A2 with VFC "early model" SEF lower. RS H&K claw mount and RS Aimpoint 5000 on the A2, RS H&K magazine clamp on both. The SEF lower on the MP5K-PDW I'm not sure about, I bought it on a whim from a guy and it was a drop-in fit
  19. Not meaning to spam! But I just received my new Viper Tech Colt Model 701 (M16A2) painted in Colt Grey cerakote that I have been waiting for for a while now. Really happy with this one, now I need a RS surplus sling and furniture
  20. Thanks! The Aimpoint was bought used on a marketplace i Norway. There's quite a lot of them here and the price isn't too bad (around 200-400 USD depending on condition). Perk from being next to Sweden I suppose
  21. This is my VFC MP5A2 GBBR with RS H&K Claw mount, RS Aimpoint 5000 and RS H&K magazine clamp. It's also sporting the "early model" SEF lower as well as slimline handguard and original Norwegian army issued sling
  22. Hey all! I kind of stumbled upon this thread by accident while searching for M16A2 receiver markings on google and saw one of Catgut's amazing VT's. Which brought me here I have been working on a Viper Tech M723 "Operation Gothic Serpent" clone for a while now and just recently got a more period correct carry handle scope mount installed than my previous A.R.M.S. #02 repro. This was a MGW Weaver mount that I bought from Brownells EU that turned out to be slightly too wide for my Viper Tech carry handle "gutter" and needed som fitting. Luckily I know a gunsmith and I took it to his shop j
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