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  1. ^Very nice. Just picked this up today... we are E36 brothers: 95 325is ^ I didn't even know it had Racing Dynamics wheels on it until I got to the guy's house to check out the car. Bonus! And yeah, the stock calipers will be repainted black soon.
  2. Ledpocket, pic request of that thing with the stock extended and a surefire mounted on the front please
  3. Agent Hunk, lovin the rifle. Makes me wish I didn't need money for a car
  4. No one ever said your gear was bad, but I'm sure if you bothered to look through the pages of this thread, you'd realize that most of the contributors are a bit more "hardcore" than some of us when it comes to impressions and gear. The moment you posted your gear in the Army SF/SOF picture thread, you basically declared it an Army SF/SOF impression. Which it isn't. Your kit would, however, be VERY much at home in the "SF/PMC look" picture thread.
  5. Going around a corner and pulling some G's feeling like Schumacher is 10x as fun as just stepping on the gas on some slushbox Dodge or Ford to beat the guy next to you off the red light any day.
  6. Holy ######, Zephyr, that looks EXACTLY like my old VSR.
  7. You do know that the front sight blade doesn't sit at the same height as the two side plates right? His sights are fine.
  8. What? http://us.st11.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/o...r_1964_29284751
  9. He made it himself, pretty sure. Very nice work! It might not be for everyone *cough* ugly as sin *cough*, but the skill that went into it has to be appreciated.
  10. Read the stickies dude. This WILL get locked, so I don't know why you're even trying. Go into the Armalite picture thread and ASK THIS SAME QUESTION. Not only will more people see it (and are more likely to get a meaningful response), you'll also be following the rules.
  11. What's wrong with this picture?
  12. TAG Modular Plate Carrier TT 5.56 Triple Shingle ESSTAC Med. Medical Spec Ops X4 Paraclete 9mm TT Strobe/Compass DBT Small Radio TT Hydro (needs to be sprayed) Motorola Comms
  13. Well, as he is referring directly to the size of the Dboys/his particular PEQ, once could assume that the dimensions are indeed larger, as most PEQs, as you said, CAN be mounted on the top without blocking your LOS.
  14. Nonsense! That's what they made 40mm buckshot rounds for! Well, sorta.
  15. That is probably the sexiest M4 I have ever seen. Some good pictures outside would do it justice.
  16. Any paint will do, Krylon is the easiest to paint quickly with, but as Souske has said model paint works fine and isn't as vulnerable to wear as you might think. Plus, the range of colors by Model Master and Tamiya for example far exceeds Krylon's. Not to mention Krylon Medium Brown is out of stock everywhere in town I check!
  17. Don't you usually put your mag pouches on the weak side? Right arm holds the gun, left arm grabs the mags... unless you consider your rifle arm your weak arm.
  18. Ranger green isn't really darker than OD, it's just a different shade. More grayish/pale. Again, try using a light tan to dust over the green.
  19. Try dusting with khaki. Practice first.
  20. I'm really liking the look of the M4Z1
  21. You need to wear it at your chest, not at your waist.
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