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  1. Not in the usual format but it works none the less.
  2. Awesome, thanks man, haven't been that trashed since the beginning of term. What's your FB?

  3. Hey dude. Good party, can you tell whomever got myphone that I'd like it back asap & I'll get them a drink for their trouble.

    Thanks dude,

    Catch you up soon;-)

  4. Sorry to hotlink and I shall get some proper photos once it stops raining but here is a view from my hill
  5. It's been over a week so I thought I should remind you what we're all here for.
  6. New laptop for my birthday, new portfolio pics.
  7. That's stunning man, where'd you get it?
  8. My Desktop is just a pic from one of my GF's old photo shoots. I keep telling her it should go in the art of her demo CD but she's not sure.
  9. Image removed. this is a PG-13 website, so keep the content PG-13 Awww Yeah
  10. No if you look up the way these pictures work it isn't actually your eyes it's your brain. So that's what you should be worried about.
  11. Congratulations, you're a lucky man Wet the baby's head yet?
  12. It might have been a denim skirt or he's such an animal he tore a hole in the jeans with his teeth.
  13. I don't actually play any system but I am looking at a few. I have friends who do Lorien Trust and Maelstrom looks like fun too. The craftsmanship is second to none, you can't see it too well but it has a tri-fullered blade, it's actually one of a kind and the whole lot cost me £206.02 including shipping. Jack, if you're interested I'm setting up a unit to take to a few systems. I can email you the info, just shoot me a PM.
  14. I actually got this a while ago but I finally stopped playing with it long enough to take some pics. My LARP Rapier, scabard and belt.
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