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  1. Apart from the whole set of social instincts we also have.
  2. They did have a tendancy to write things down as you can find out via the references on the wiki page he links too.
  3. Stealth I'd edit that picture and black out the relevant bits instead of using the swirl tool. That's the mistake the Canadian paedophile made and it's very possible to reverse it.
  4. Yer, most cotton stuff shrinks a bit on the first wash but also tightens a bit just after being washed all the time. Can be a royal pain in the *albartroth* if you buy something that's a perfect fit.
  5. They also satirise the exact issue being discussed when the boys call bikers Fags. This leads to a whole load of commotion when the parents assume they are being anti-gay for spray painting "fags go home" on the side of buildings when in reality they mean inconsiderate douchebag.
  6. You could construct a toaster/bread matrix and post it online so that no one is every caught out by a mis-sized toaster-bread combo again!
  7. Exactly, if that's really how Azubi feels he should be out in the country he works in showing them how.
  8. To me it looks like an attempt at an excuse not to bother or some kind of weird nationalism. Just because we are better than somewhere else doesn't mean that we can't do better nor does it mean no one is trying to improve things elsewhere. No one has said the UK are the biggest wasteful bastards and no one suggests we should give other countries a free pass.
  9. Great! In terms of space the issue isn't so much that there isn't space but finding somewhere people are willing to let one be placed. The USA probably has the fewest problems with that because it has a large per capita land mass. Other countries with denser populations and stricter environmental regulations do actually have issues developing new landfill sites. So whilst it doesn't sound "that big a deal" it's more complex than that one figure actually suggests.
  10. Azubi - Like Hedganian said on the previous page just because some people seem intent on *fruitcage* the world over due to lack of outlook doesn't mean everyone else should. Stealth - I don't think anyones seriously said we're going to be drowning in refuse on this thread. I'm not sure where you got the 10 mile thing though. The only website that I can see that references that is the god awful "EcoWorld".
  11. The issue is and always has been of late short-term profit consideration at the expense of a good long-term outlook. So I pretty much agree with what you've written. Just to add though: Any economic calculation of value has to include the on-going storage cost. It could sit next to economies of scale and technological advance as a factor that would make recycling economically viable. Land fill is a form of storage, just the cheapest and crappiest form we have come up with too date. The economic calculation of land fill versus some other method of storage has to include both the cost to the
  12. This isn't so much an issue as long as it's kept stored and recycled when it becomes economically viable to do so (e.g. via economies of scale or technological advancement).
  13. It says: "At present we are recycling an average of 22% of household waste across Adur and Worthing." So 22% of the waste collected from households in the region gets recycled. That is probably a combination of waste that is not recyclable and because people don't put it out for recycling, instead chucking it in the normal bin. As the sentence following says they are trying to increase that amount that gets recycled. That is obviously not the case, see above. Also the larger bins are only available on request and generally recycling is collected less often than normal waste. I
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