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  1. I've got a piece of Broccoli here with your name on it! o_O

  2. Vegetarian Man Love - classic!



  3. There's a post voting thing that won't let me vote.
  4. FWIW I can only see two messages from 2005!
  5. Fin

    Bought some TT gear of he with no issues, many thanks

  6. Except when they do it themselves whilst admonishing members as this very thread is about? Generally on principle public humiliation is something I'd have a moral problem with though. Anyway am out for the night.
  7. We found out in the other thread that the mods have a box to stick a PM message in when they issue a warning point. The post copying would likely have to be a manual step AFAIK.
  8. I think it was. Firstly I corrected his misunderstanding and secondly I gave an example of where he had done exactly what I was talking about. I wasn't rude or unfactual. What did you think was wrong with it?
  9. Past history is more personal past history between the member and the moderator. Like The Chef says when a conflict of interest occurs its best to GTFO and pass it on to someone else. It might manifest itself in say making antagonistic comments that someone is another persons *badgeress*. You might even try to get round the swear filter as the substitute word makes the whole thing look a bit silly.
  10. You should direct that question at Stealth as the only reason I posted in that thread was to interject some humour as well! The jokes were funny and a whole series of people got it with no malice intended. Anyway my complaint about that thread was not related to the reasoning behind getting the warning point but the mechanism behind it's delivery.
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