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  1. I have a Beretta M92 Centurion i'm about to put up for sale, if interested pm me or watch the sales threads.
  2. There receivers not slides, the AA like the Ruger has a bolt and receiver like a rifle rather than a slide. The images show a monolithic barrel/receiver setup.
  3. BigAl

    WE New SMG ?

    If there Glock Style but not Gloc Compatible mags they are missing a trick. Should be compatible with the most common gas mag out there, just like most real PCC AR's are Glock Mag Compatible. People want to use same mags in long and short. Plus it means there a GAs/co2 and Drum mags already available from the off. Frankly there stood if they don't use Glock Mags.
  4. - "WELL R4 MP7 clone (new unused)" you still got this mate?
  5. Anyone got a spare rear sight for a 417?
  6. Just watched the video above again and noted the frames on the floor, looks like they may hit the floor running with a tan one as well.
  7. "Not mine, only made the grips. Also not a 1911 but the 2011 thread is archived." Actually it isn't a 2011, its a Salient 1911 Widebody, even if it had a hybrid frame it wouldn't be a 2011. Only STI make 2011's as they own the copyright to the name. So it does belong here.
  8. Wondered how long before they'd start knocking of the RE Eagles.
  9. Ivan Le Foue and Interious what scopes are those? Are they as expensive as they look? lol
  10. Korean Armed Forces and the DBLS REcoil Gun.
  11. It not meant to its, aimed at LE and Military that will order a few hundred maybe thousand at a time for training. The airsoft sales to serious collectors will just be a bonus.
  12. Cough KWA KFS ERG;s Cough cough...
  13. Glock 26, bizarrely was one of the most accurate pistols i've had ( and thats out of a sample of about 150 guns ).
  14. Just hope no one who buys one of these ( secondhand maybe ) mistakes it for a real one and tries to send it back to Vortex is it gets shot out. If this happens it coul dcause then to think twice about there guarantee covering airsoft shoot outs . Does look good though, wonder how clear it it is and how it copes with recoil?
  15. Bought it afer he died. Had a few off him over the years, was a true gent. RIP mate.
  16. LOL, TM not parting with any WA.
  17. You would understand about Western Armis if you handled one, they are streets ahead of anything made by TM or any of the other current manufacturers out there, except the really expensive kit like FPR. THe plastic they us is high grade and contains metal particles to give it a cold heavy feel like metal, but it is plastic. There finishes are also streets ahead of other, certainly better than WE's heavy as *fruitcage* pot metal sit clarted in 5mm of cheap paint. Just for the hell of it here's a couple of pictures of the last two I acquired.
  18. Can't see straight through when it's loaded.
  19. Japan never did care about trades, that how TM have got away with it for years. P presume WA stopped bothering when they stopped trading overseas.
  20. Need help ID'ing these, think there Prime but honestly can't remember. I'm gonna have to create a database for such details as my memory ain't what it used to be. A idea of fair value would be cool too. Cheers
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