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  1. on the playground is where i spent mosta my days,

  2. Well, that's a very nicely done, professional review. Great job! However, it might have been better to post this in the Reader's Review section.
  3. That's nightmare-inducing, it's exactly like every other person who frags me in COD4. Stupid M60 users. Awesome loadout, though. The pig is totally awesome.
  4. So, if the new KSC M9's use different barrels, and the stock barrel isn't metal... gee, I wish I could get a metal one. Always liked M9's though, I've got one ordered from Ehobby right now.
  5. Not bad at all. You might want to work on the composition, though. Try lining up the two guns so the slides are parallel, and then take the photograph at an angle... or something. IMO the subject matter itself isn't what's important, but rather taking your photos in a way that highlights a certain element of design or a part of the gun that isn't normally seen, or just seeing things in a different way.
  6. One of my USP... then some AK pr0nz! ...and then the Scorpion, with drum mag, in my bathroom, just for the lulz. Oh, and this one, well, I just had to take it. Edit: Whoops, wrong image tags...
  7. Pretty slick, especially compared to what I paid for my VFC. I've got a Dboys AKSU inbound from Ehobby, so I'll probably post my own write-up in a few days. I, personally, had trouble getting a good sight picture with the folding stock AK's in all but the brightest daylight, and a pair of East German night sights helped a lot. They give you two really big dots to line up, which is a lot of help even when it's daytime, particularly for snap shooting. It might be worth a try in the future, if you're interested. Edit: grammar
  8. As far as the jamming goes, I had a similar problem with my TM Scorpion's standard mags when I first got it: it would fail to feed a lot on a full mag. On mine, it was because there was too much spring pressure, so I left the mag fully loaded for a few days, lubed it a bit, and now it works fine. I think you just might need to break in the spring, or the follower might be catching a little bit.
  9. 2004, actually. Somehow got it from a podunk police department around me with 64K miles, so I figured it'd been rolled or something, but my mechanic said it was in really good shape. No idea why they let it go, but I suppose their loss is my gain. Saving for a solid black paint job right now for the undercover squad look. It's so irritating, though, when everyone around you is driving exactly the speed limit...
  10. It looks really good with the AKM mags, IMHO. I think it'd be really cool with that configuration and an underfolder.
  11. TM AK Beta-Spetznas, of course. It's pretty cool, but I always wanted TM to make a 74U... well, whatever, I got the VFC. Speaking of which...
  12. Wolfen, your pictures are always amazing. Almost made me buy a CA G3. I've got a Flecktarn kit of sorts, but I'm so tall that it was almost impossible to find pants... what a hassle. I was considering Strichtarn, but being 6'6"... no dice. Not even close.
  13. TBH, I wouldn't trade my AKSU for anything; it's my favorite rifle ever made as far as the real-steel goes. Both of them are excellent rifles, though, as per VFC, but from an absolutely practical standpoint I think the AKS-74 has a slight edge. It's got a long-ish barrel, but it's still rather compact because it's got the folding stock. and it would look amazing with a GP30. Tough decision, really. I think it's mostly a question of aesthetics.
  14. Hey, just got my VFC AKS-74 today. It's really nice. There's also a Marui Hardballer in the background, but it's out of focus.
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