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  1. He's Krazy, he's L, he's Krazy L!

  2. Why be so Krazy, you Krazy L?!

  3. paradigmsk8ter... true. very true. I have friends in BATFE and customs. any type of silencer that is not a solid is illegal. according to a friend : "unless it is there to make a live firearm barrel 16 inches to comply with law. we can take it any for testing. and if the level decreases by 1dB we declare it an illegal silencer.....Which is wrong considering most flash hiders will even differ noise some...."
  4. ALL firearm silencers are legal in 35 states in the US. you just have to file a class3 paper on them. 200 dollar transfer tax. I have a USP tactical in 45 with a AAC can, a Deliese carbine and a Gemtech QD can for my AR-15.... they are VERY much legal. anyway. hitman that is SWEET.. I love silencers on 1911s... pure sechs
  5. that isn't my old silencer on that SIG is it.. i forgot who i sold it to... Nice SIG by the way
  6. the spider and scorpion are one in the same. just made for different model guns. the Scorpion you linked to is a New one released my GB-tech for the Glock line. note the extended thread. so as to not hit the silencer with the recoil rod.
  7. nope that is a GB-tech AAC scorpion replica LOL but it is 1:1 with a buddys real scorpion.
  8. hey flash89 I will try and get a vid clip to you of a hicapa.. does it matter that mine has upgraded recoil spring?
  9. right lad. i will get on that...
  10. For a thrid time please. i know R22 has a UZI. and Darklite has a desert eagle. Please. must i beg
  11. could someone get a pic of a KWC co2 desert eagle and/ or a KWC co2 mini uzi on full auto? please......
  12. hmm i would post one. but mine hasn't came in the post yet.
  13. Krazy L


    the P90 is airsoft. but the 5-7 is real
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