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  1. Does anyone have the O Ring size for the 3 o rings that the screws go through to hold the expansion chamber together? Mine became damaged and I've had issues trying to find replacements.
  2. How is the magazine release for the gun? Also, could you provide more pictures of the trigger bar system please?
  3. I received my KWA LM4 today and noticed something weird. When the gun is not cocked I can only switch between semi and full auto, I can not switch to safe. If I cock the weapon I can then switch to safe, semi, or full. For this reason, I cannot have the weapon is safe and not cocked. This dosn't seem normal to me, has anyone else run into this issue?
  4. I feel thankful to get my pre order money back after seeing these pictures and the original youtube review.
  5. Here's my Ares Tavor with a VN midcap. I tried it as a hunch, but it make the weapon handle even better than I expected.
  6. I used the semi hard foam that comes in alot of packages. Cut off what you need then stuff it up behind the mag release. Trim down as needed. Very cheap and easy to do.
  7. TM G3SAS with cut down inner barrel to make the front flush. Nitro top rail, and G3 stock. I plan on getting some mp7 style flip up sights for the top rail and a folding vertical grip to mimic the MP7.
  8. Anyone who bought an Ares Tavor should be able to send back the mars sight for a free top and side rail. Yes, people bought the tavor for the tavor, not the sight. But, I didn't want to pay 50-100 bucks out of 500 for a paper weight.
  9. It comes with a metal standard black flash hider. DO NOT use a hole punch on your sling mount to remove the MARS sight. Unscrew the front sling mount by holding one side with your hand or a wrench and unscrew it. Then unscrew the allen screw closest to the iron sight to remove that part. Then unscrew the 4 philips heads screws to remove the mars sight and that top section of the tavor. Last, unscrew the two allen screws on the bottom to remove the mars sight. The top is flat and perfectly fine with out it. I'll post some pictures tomorrow. After removing the waste of s
  10. TSI said the Tavor was to be release mid July(nowish?) I have a Ares Tavor right now and have a TSI Tavor on order. I'll be doing a side by side review when I get mine. As others have said, the MARS sight is so far the largest problem with this gun. Not just the laser but the red dot it's self.
  11. I tried for an hour but could not get the laser right. Mine we also high and to the right at first.
  12. S. Arms m4 midcaps can lock but have to rock/wobble them into place.
  13. Any chance we can get a picture of the Ares Tavor with out the Mars Sight ontop? I'd like to see the rail.
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