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  1. The Lastest incarnation of my CQBR:
  2. Quick question bar Zero One does anyone know where else a custom patch can be done in the UK or US - only a small number required (15 or so) as we're looking for 2 different colour schemes being done so 30 - 40 patches in total for a reasonable price. Cheers Chris
  3. You mean hes to the right of the tree with a big shadow where his head is.......
  4. A Couple of the Team from the spec ops weekender:
  5. you do know you can mount the ACOG direct to the carry handle? Seems a very wierd way of mounting it you have their.
  6. Have you tried this with either a CQC or a Safariland holster? If is do they fit ok / what model holster was used?
  7. No we're a team based down in the South. Nothing to do with S8 Airsoft in Scotland. ~ We do however play at Spec Ops Woodland or "the Rock" on a regular basis.
  8. yep its a dear - no doubt eaten by BoB - the Beast of Bloxworth (or a Puma) of which I can confirm they are about in the wild in the UK - where we found the carcass it 1 stank of cats pee. 2 was surrounded in large paw prints. & 3 the locals have seen it & its cubs. (so yes there are breeding pairs in the UK). As for the 8ball badge - thats our team badge - Bambi is a offical team memeber of Section 8.
  9. Tallbloke


    My mates & My M14's: The LSW - that is used more in a DMR role now than a LSW: & Piccys of my PTW Based DMR will be up as soon as the rest of the bits arrive.
  10. A quick team picture at the last skermish when Victoria Beckham paid us a visit.... & after being made a team member: Note yes there are Big cats wild in the UK.
  11. Well 1 is my bro's - The M16 is now being changed to a SPR / Markmans Rifle. The CQBR will become a L119A1 so along with the M4 are my "main users" And the M733 - well theres only 190 of them in the world so why not eh?
  12. It doesn't but you can leave it in your wagon / have it slung which means your less likley to tire while aiming with your primary. Or it may be that you want it for illum rounds and are utilisaing a smaller caliber round primary for the mission.... there are many reasons it may be prefered - or not. I';m just going upon what I've seen / heard from very reliable sources. Edit Google "M79 in Iraq" - lots of results there..... Edit2:
  13. I can definatly say I've seen a few picys from the boys with some of your more SF orintated units still using them - it does make sense to still use them as a 203 adds extra weight & well may not be required - they also need to be fiteed and cabled on by armourers / trained people - a M79 just needs to be picked up. For definate they are in Afgan, but I'm sure i've seen photos of them in Iraq on these forums.
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