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    For me, airsoft is about all the fun parts from the military with none of the stupid *suitcase* that makes it a pain in the *albatross*.
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    RS parts on toy guns.

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  1. Yes it is. It is very secure, but you have tie them with something to the pals on the mid section if you want it angled. Otherwise it will flop around too much. I used ziptie.
  2. Avalon M4. Really digging the steel parts on this one.
  3. PGC frame modded to take co2 mags.
  4. jimel

    USP Picture Thread

    Around 29 shots at 21C. The blowbackunit is very, very tight fit in the steel slide. It does not need that screw. I wouldn´t want to take it apart any time soon
  5. jimel

    USP Picture Thread

    The rear sight needed some minor material removing from the base. Nothing that a dremel can´t handle. Front sights base is too narrow so it must be glued on.
  6. jimel

    USP Picture Thread

    KSC USP RATech steel slide & barrel Meprolight sights
  7. I couldn´t resist painting this one too.
  8. Try Yahoo auctions. Black Silver
  9. Installed Novak Trijicon night sights on my WA Kimber.
  10. Got it from ebay for about $150.
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