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    why airsoft of coures!!!!
  1. carbacca

    Real Sword Type 97

    necro.... this is my battery solution for the RS Type 97 - repost from my home forums the realsword type 97 is one of the better airsoft guns i have had yet, but the main letdown is the battery capacity. you can either get the funky 3 piece nunchuck from RS ( i got one and i cannot figure out how to put it in) or a 11.1v 1100 mah stick (a bit of a rip @49bux from ASGC). but to me thats simply not enough, so it was off to hobby city i go. i spend waay too much time on the website with the measurements and finally found one that would fit, the turnigy nano-tech 7.4v 950mah and so i ordered one, i also had hopes that a 7.4v 1200mah split nunchuck would fit so i ordered that too. but in the end only the 950mah would fit - and suprisingly i found out that you can get two of them in there, and parallel them up i would have 1900mah which is far more respectable. this is how i got it to fit one in the compartment inside the handguard - on the left side of the handguard there is a bar that connects the trigger to the mechbox and the second one will therefore fit in the handgrip(11.1v 1100mah for reference, havent got a second one yet) this is the battery that fits, need two of them @5.60USD each from hobbyking, still way cheaper than the 11.1v 1100mah http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=20388
  2. carbacca


    Star L1A1 SLR with Tuffforce FN QuadRail
  3. carbacca

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    a few from yesterdays game...
  4. carbacca

    Shotgun Picture Thread

  5. carbacca

    1911 Picture Thread

    TM 1911 with Guarder Kit
  6. carbacca

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

  7. carbacca

    Videos Thread !

    4wd Vehicle + Airsoft + field with a dirt track = fun http://www.zippyvideos.com/371744183506219...bushwacked-sml/
  8. carbacca

    Videos Thread !

    APA does Normandy Location : Just north of Port Waikato, Auckland Camera : fBall thanks to the allied team for letting us shoot the *beep* out of them

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