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  1. My Mk1 is totally stock with the exception of a threaded adapter that takes the place of the outer barrel and allows the attachment of a suppressor. I also have the Marushin Assassins version of the Mk1 that came with suppressor (foam filled). Looks cool but doest have the range or power of a standard Mk1 as the inner barrel is half the inner barrel length. Still looks cool though.
  2. I find that this pistol does require a really good gas fill of the magazine (that does seem to cool down quickly). I initially used the "old standard" of .20 bb's, would occasionally get the same issues as you are having. I then went to .23's and it got better, then tried .25's and it seemed to clear up most of the problem. I can reach out to about 70+ feet with a warm magazine. Also try a thorough cleaning of the inner barrel if you've not done that yet. It can get pretty nasty in there. Trigger pull will never be that great (as is the case with most non-blow backs). However, your trigger fin
  3. Wingman

    CZ Picture Thread

    While I admit to being a rabid AAP-01 fan, I am also a fan of the P09. Have had a few for several years and they do last pretty well. I do have one that I may have worn out as I am getting light hammer strikes and the trigger is doing something as well (I'll get 1 good double action trigger pull and then the next double action pull barely cocks the hammer back enough to reliably fire). But this pistol has had thousands of shots through it so It might be time to strip it down for parts. I really like the looks of the Shadow 2. It does seem to be pretty heavy and it means another batch of d
  4. I love those older Walthers. The WE versions I've had for awhile are still going strong.
  5. Check out Garand Thumb on Youtube..he did a homage to the rifle he was using and built a real-steel copy of the rifle. I believe he also did a small bit on the equipment they were using at the time. It's listed as "Black Hawk Down M14".
  6. They have finally arrived at Evike, but I'm still on the fence as I'm not seeing too many positive reviews. My initial plan was to use the Mk3 slide on the Mk1 frame as I owned a real steel in that configuration many years ago (I love the coned hammer look). However, I dont know if the new slide will work on the Mk1 or if the magazines are compatible either. Has anyone tried this?
  7. I have always loved the Detonics (I had a MC-1 many years ago and wish I hadnt been talked out of it).. How does the ARMY version hold up? I have the TM and it's always been one of may favorite "fun guns" but always wanted it in metal but didnt want to go to the expense of the kit.
  8. Still cant get them over here yet. As for the red tape, about a year back I received a pistol ordered from Hong Kong and it came disassembled and wrapped in red tape as well. Probably the reason why it wasnt scooped up by customs who had opened it.
  9. Evike has the: MITA RMR Mount Base For Sig M117 GBB pistols. I dont know if that will work on your pistol. I will keep looking for you. Good luck.
  10. Thats a nice group you have there. Where did you get the ACRO?
  11. Very nice. Dont let it go..unless to me (lol)
  12. Oh my goodness.. my Grandfather taught me how to shoot a pistol with that exact model (he also had a 6 inch target length barrel that came with it). Then went on to a S&W 1917 revolver (I still have it and its in great shape), a trophy Luger and a 1911a1. I'd love to find one of those Colt Woodsman pistols. I never knew they existed. Even if its just a springer..I dont care.
  13. Is that a kit build? Thats a nice 1911. More details please.
  14. Wonderful P226. Every time I see pictures like these I break out my WE P226R and WE P226 Mk 25 and put a few magazines through them. It's truly a classic pistol.
  15. The Hi-Capa and Glock frames will probably do just fine. The 1911 framed version I would not have such high hopes for. The standard 1911 WE magazine is not the greatest when it comes to gas or bb capacity. I also cannot see their all metal version feeling as "tight" as the Action Arms AAP-01. That pistol has virtually no rattle when you shake and it is quite solidly built, even if mostly of polymer construction. My only WE pistols that dont "rattle" when you shake them are my P-38's and ISSC M22 (when the magazine is in the pistol). Also, how is the finish on these pistols going to hold u
  16. This is just so disappointing. I'm getting kind of "P.O'd" about this now. I mean, I'm hitting retirement age and I could die soon without ever getting one of the few pistols I've been waiting decades for to ever appear (lol-kind of). No working proper Hi-Power, no Welrod, no HK P7M13, no Grizzly, no Bren Ten, no Colt Combat Commander w/Wilson style sights, grip safety etc.. and no all metal Man From U.N.C.L.E. P-38 (that doesnt cost a freaking fortune). Was this too much to hope for? Too much to ask? Jeez Thank the Lord for the AAP-01 I guess, as I cradle one of my babies in my arm
  17. Just started making the list of the few movies that he is in and not in my collection. Have all the Bond films, The Longest Day, A Bridge Too Far, Zardoz (cough cough) and some others. I still remember my parents taking me to see You Only Live Twice at the cinema when it came out. Good times. Good actor. Will be missed. Nice PPK!
  18. Thats great news. Have you thought about getting the chromed version for your next one? I was always a big fan of the 2 toned Hi-Power look. I'd also like to know if thats a "brushed" or gloss chrome finish and you could help me out with that. I prefer brushed (lol). I am getting anxious about getting mine now.
  19. P-38, ISSC M22 and I believe the Makarov do. At least on my P-38's and ISSC M22.
  20. It's going to look sweet. I'm on hold with ordering mine as I have not gotten over my present "love affair" with the Action Army AAP-01 and just ordered more stuff for them. Keep us up to date with how its working out for you.
  21. I was checking out the Arnies Supporters sites listed on the main page and it came up as Domain Seized by US Treasury Dept. I then went to their website itself and there is no such warning. Has anyone else noticed this and/or knows about this?
  22. Yes, this has always been a nice feature of the WE pistols. The suppressor on the Mk III should be a good look.
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