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  1. What I wore at my last game. I was yelled at for wearing the PT Armor because it might have kept me from feeling a BB hit. Yet the chaps that ran out of the field bounds to make shots were cool.
  2. Phantom makes them in OD... I haven't seen the Eagle version in OD but I haven't been looking.
  3. I thought of BHD when I first saw those pics too. LOL
  4. From the last thread. LOL at everything in that photo set.
  5. Hey let's start ###### on the interweb...
  6. You finally got rid of those *less than par* work boots? Kickass Matt... Edit: Damn where'd the word filter go?
  7. LOL I just wasn't expecting any logo at first. I didn't realize how much detail is preserved in water transfer.
  8. Wow the water transfer even has the Multicam logo in it. Looks pretty awesome.
  9. Yeah except all those threads were from before the big *albatross* sticky was posted saying no more Picture threads...
  10. Are you trying to say that I shouldn't be using tan/coyote/sand while playing a woodland OP?????
  11. Yeah I was wondering about that Pakol. Looks pretty weird...
  12. LOL. Hey TCB could you fix the typo in your Signature. It's killing my OCD. There's most likely a Length adjusting Allen Screw somewhere on the base of the Barrel IIRC.
  13. What exactly's the difference between SOF and SF?
  14. Mmm tactical toe nails I see.
  15. "Etadik!" Jesus Christ I don't think I've ever laughed that much before.
  16. Looks reddish or possibly terracotta or are my eyes deceiving me?
  17. No need to be a ###### or a hypocrite for *fruitcage*s sake. Maybe, since you know all about the errors, you could elaborate instead of being an idiot and dare I say "pulling a Matt"... /rant
  18. Needs about 6 years, two feet, and a real carabiner. Other than that it ain't bad...
  19. Anybody else notice how Matt's knee pads are big enough to be his shin guards as well?!
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