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  1. Get in touch son, I miss your musk, your scent and your conversation!!!

  2. Can't believe no one has added a comment to your profile mate, what a bunch of bastards. Come back to the UK and Worthing soon.

  3. I would love to have a Dog as ownage as that!
  4. if i ever have a skirmish in a cardboard factory, i will use you to camo me up! Seriously good job mate, im impressed.
  5. yea it would work but like all aegs adding washers to the spring guide can result in the spring becoming coilbound. its worth a note star are releasing a bearing spring guide for the M249 click HERE
  6. blowback looks really good. i want one now.
  7. Really nice review, anychance of a vid for the blowback?
  8. A thread similar to this-chinese clone reviews started a month or so ago, It died. Perhaps if everyone posts links/info in one thread or via pm to a specified mod, then the mod stickys it and adds it into one big faq locked thread? If you want to make me a mod I will happily do this for you. danke
  9. Mines doing a solid 202fps with .2s. I read on a phillapines forum that abit of teflon tape could up the fps by 20-30. Mine also doesnt shoot on semi now, it does full auto all the time, So i think a stripdown/teflon tape mod is in order for tommorow.
  10. Go to a store to pick one. The sound of the squire series jazz/p bass's varies Alot from one to another. tried out 7 squire jazz basses to find the best sounding one, the guys in the shop were not amused.
  11. Yes but its still the same amount of energy!
  12. Im getting 200 average with .2gs, gone up to 212 at one point. This is on a guarder speeder chrono with goldfire .2g bbs.
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