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  1. The G&P PAQ has a brass tube inside with adjuster screws soldered onto it. The windage and elevation adjustment works just like the real thing, so it can be zeroed just fine. Same goes for their PEQ-2. The laser diode is placed inside the tube and wired to the switch and batteries. The biggest problem was carefully opening the PAQ case which is glued together. The IR diode I used is only 5mW, which is still rather eye safe and ranges way beyond the range of any airsoft guns. It's easily visible from 300m with a PVS-14. Since the diode is a cheap one from ebay, a very very faint d
  2. A little something to go with my PVS-14 for a night game in November. This is a G&P AN/PAQ-4 that I upgraded with an IR laser. I can make more of these in case someone is interested!
  3. It took some filing but not as much as the M1911 Military kit.
  4. My almost finished TM MEU .45. It's still missing a pair of real Pachmayr grips that haven't come in yet. This is my primary choice for a back-up pistol these days. Fitted with the following: - PGC metal kit and 150% recoil spring - Nova steel slide stop, barrel bushing and full-lenght guide rod - Wilson Combat base plates on 2 mags I'll probably upgrade it with a steel hammer and misc internal parts along the way, but this beauty is working so well right now that I don't want to "ruin" it
  5. Thought I'd post something a bit different. This gun is actually the very first GBB I ever built for a customer 6 years ago. It recently became available again at a bargain price so I thought I'd snag it. Had to fix it up quite a bit as well as it had been well used during those 6 years. This is a WA Magna 3.9" SVI circa. 2003 with the following: - Shooter's Design aluminum slide - Polished frame and finger groove on trigger guard - Guarder steel INFINITY chamber - CP Custom bearing hammer - Shooter's Design loading nozzle - Guarder hammer and recoil springs
  6. Besides, any NVG that requires an IR illuminator will always be inferior to a passive system since anyone with, say, a PVS-14, will see the user with the IR illuminator coming from a mile away. Nonetheless, using CCD is a good idea for night vision, but I think it needs alot more work to be useful for anything but leisure activies like bird watching
  7. MCXL, I'm aware of the real version's color, but it's definitely not as grey as the A&K gun appears in the pictures. Milspec parkerizing is usually a very deep, matte grey where as the A&K obviously appears painted and too light. Now, I don't know if this is actually the case or is it just the flash making the gun appear too light.
  8. I like the real size pistol grip! Are the metal parts really as grey as they appear in the pics or is it just the flash?
  9. The ELCS 2x and 1x mag pouches suck big time though. I replaced mine with some SDS CQB 2x mag pouches.
  10. http://www.wgcshop.com/pcart/shopper.php?i...-SMG-MP9_srch_1 In stock at WGC now. Needless to say, I'm ordering mine today I fell in love with the TMP and I'm sorry I sold it, but now I can get this instead!
  11. The real MICH NVG mount like pictured above isn't that sturdy either. I always paracord my PVS to my helmet just to be sure, regardless of the mount.
  12. The ELCS is one of the most comfortable vests I've ever used! I just got one a few weeks ago and apart from the crappy mag pouches I'm very happy with it. Definitely alot better than my previous zippered FLC.
  13. WatZ, very cool picture! Ho did you take it?
  14. That "stainless" Army MEU looks like a cheap cap gun from the supermarket, sheesh! The black one looks better though.
  15. They are in some imperial thread, quite likely UNC. The stock grip screws are metric.
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