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    Multicam LBV and butt pack
  2. Ah cool, i just got the new silver one, Im gonna paint it anyway. I asked about chrono cause mine punched a hole in the bottom of a soda can and almost went threw the bottom edge (left a good crack) So Im guessing its shooting about 430fps...I need to downgrade it.....which ill do when I chop it and my chrono gets here to verify its fps first. Anyway Im gonna try to come up with somethign in MC for my EBR loadout, not sure what way i want to go yet. I may do another modified LBV...
  3. delta knight, is that the new kart ebr? If so what does yours chrono at?
  4. and they are uncomfortable, i actually got a blister on my middle finger from it....
  5. Sweet! Thanx Big Al......time to PM led..
  6. Im looking for a pic of some ultra short M14 someone made does anybody have any idea where those pics went too? Any help is appreciated...
  7. love the loadout desertfox what front site is that?
  8. Okay thougth id post a pic (best i could do with crappy digital) of my new Multicam rig. This is, as far as I know, one of a kind. I contracted a close family member to put it together for me. Made from 725D Crye Fabric everything else was purchased from DIY Tactical. Holds 8 magazines, instead of the original lvb88's 6 magazines. As Ive always liked early US Army gear i bring to you: Multicam LBV88 w/Multicam buttpack.
  9. That tan doesnt match at all. Id dust it with krylon OD.
  10. M16 Midlength link with info on the build: http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...howtopic=128728
  11. Nice, I already have a set of BDU's (well acu cut but you know) Actually I ahve three sets...2 are multisham and the third is supposed to be propper. Anyway Im just wondering if the actual gear matches the BDU's. I got a triple mag pouch and it doesnt really match too well, but that was off ebay so...I dunno just checkin to see if its worht it or not. Im actually making a LBV-88 out of crye material right now. But i need a few things, definately the PASGT cover, maybe the cheaper hyrdo carrier..
  12. Does anybody have any of the ebaybanned multisham? Hows it look? compared to crye compared to other multisham?
  13. I carry bout 12 mags depending on the length of the game..... 6 in my LBV and 6 in alice pouches, soemtimes ill trow more in a dump or butt tho, depends on the game. If we are playing lo's only I will take as many mags as I can carry.
  14. Armalite Mags: 8 Thermold midcaps 7 G&P VN Midcaps 34 MAG Midcaps 49 Star Lo Caps Pistol: 5 Cyma Hicaps 3 Cyma AEP standards 3 TM 1911 mags (not shown Plus M4 Magazine bb loader and Smoke Grenade bb Loader, also have a ton of assorted R6 mags and springer mags......May have more Star lo's floating around too...moving is a pain.
  15. Do we have any idea of a price range yet? They look like agreat help!
  16. nice, hows that dude like the jls thingy.
  17. They moved after the major Hurricanes. Thats what ive heard. It sucks, by the tme I got into airsoft and realised KAC was here in vero (where I live) they had already moved.
  18. Wow you all have really beautiful KAC's. But your all going to have to upgarde again as KAC is no longer in Vero Beach and all their new stuff is traded Titusville Florida
  19. lol epyon you rock. i love that little AK, it needs a diff grip tho...maybe a SAW grip? or somethin.
  20. His name is Link, he came to town, to save the princess Zelda....... That makes me hate my multishams.....
  21. Yeah I just a little bit and was hoping to pic it up cheap...i guess i could get a full thing of cry tho...then make a hydro too.
  22. Awesome load outs guys. Anybody know anywhere else to get multicam fabric? even knock off fabric I need a little to finsih my rig.
  23. Well, its my XM8 CQB gun....Its actually shorter than my Girlfriends UTG SD6 (i converted it) when the stock if fully slid out, not by much but it is. lol.
  24. BE XM8 TAR (Tactical Assault Rifle) Currently pgb but soon to be MGB and SRC tightbore BE XM8 SHARC MGB Working red dot sight. Battery in stock. AIM M4 Full metal Body, G27 grip, G&P SOPMOD stock, SRC Tightbore, TM S-System SIR with Hurricane adapter, KA Noveske Flashider. UTG MP5 Coverted to SD6
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