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  1. Hick

    SMG Picture Thread

    Looks like a KSC or maybe KWA M11A1 with a magnesium bolt + upper receiver set. If you look in the chamber there should be a ridged circle surrounding the hop up rubber and inner barrel, and you rotate that to turn the hop up and down (I forget which way does what). There is a tool the gun should have which makes this easier to do, but if you don't have it you can probably just do it with your fingers. M11A1 Disassembly To strip it you remove the stock first, then remove the front pin, pushing the inner pin out the left and the outer pin out the right side (if you find it hard to push out the outer pin you can push it out a bit with the stock bar that has a cut in it). After you have that out you push the upper forward until it is stopped by the charging handle, then twist the handle 90 degrees, then pull the bolt out. After that the upper will come off completely and the you can take the bolt out too. Then, if you want to separate the barrel, sling swivel, and muzzle from the upper, just pop out the little pin towards the front of the upper, and those bits will come off.
  2. Hick

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Yeah, it's the pistol grip version of the ACM M500 with a full stock installed.
  3. Hick

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

  4. Hick

    SMG Picture Thread

    KWA with healthy dose of Krylon.
  5. Hick

    SMG Picture Thread

  6. Hick

    Glock Picture Thread

    KSC also makes a 35, I think it is a limited edition though and I've only seen it on japanese sites. Here's a link to it on a Japanese site: http://www.fortress-web.com/SHOP/10gbksc-g35gmedal.html
  7. Hick

    Videos Thread !

    Contact lsniperxl (I think that is the right way to type it) on either these forums or on classicairsoft.net. Escort is also working on a G36 gbb, both as a complete gun and a drop in kit.
  8. Hick

    Videos Thread !

    That made me want an Escort sooooooo bad.
  9. Hick


    My Guns
  10. Hick

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    I am assuming you are talking about the KA Silencers. IIRC they are pretty cheap, $20-$30 US on redwolf.

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