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  1. Apologies for new post, too late to edit the old one. Moto Guzzi. They're a big **** aren't they? I wish someone had told me! I want to put some spanky transparent orange grips on it. But the bar end weights will NOT come undone. Some Italian must have gone out and hired a gorilla to put these things on... and superglued them into the bargain. So now if I want to put new grips on I have to get new bars, twistgrip and bar end weights. Thanks, Moto Guzzi!
  2. The new and improved Guzzi is back! I just had to comment here... Yep, theyre pretty awful. Its worse still when you're stuck with them in an enclosed space for a while. Had one guy on the other day for a 25 min commute from Newcastle (Under Lyme) to Madeley and he sat at the back of the bus... even from there his smell was so bad that I had to open the cab window. People were choking, etc. The guy was slightly mentally handicapped so its not his fault but it was pretty awful. My other issue which I have mentioned before is when you have the Battle of Cologne on the bus.
  3. Which I shall take as a gently worded way of saying "Only bad things can happen if you continue this line of discussion" Actually, the comment was meant tongue-in-cheek but the fact that it has been taken literally made me think. During my lovely shower, I came to the realisation that I am practically living in this thread right now. I can only blame things happening in my life - a legal situation which I have brushed on earlier, trying to get a better paid job, and a case of achilles tendonitis which seems to be taking forever to clear. I shouldnt really be taking my stress out on
  4. Just had my new CIS financial advisor around, he is wearing crucifix cufflinks. That to me is the same as saying "I have an IQ of 60". Thanks for letting me know you are spiritually retarded, but I really didnt want to know...
  5. Hedganian is British, though he lives in Ignorance. Maybe Ignorant should be allowed to be its own nation. Would save the rest of us a lot of hassle. Hedge - your opinion is not fact. As far as I am aware (since I will not present this as empirical fact because I do not have confirmation from a government source to the opposite), England, Scotland and Northern Ireland are countries, Wales is a principality. Thats why it is called 'United' Kingdom, it is a Union of Countries. That is my position till I know otherwise. Till then, I'm done dealing with your *suitcase*.
  6. I AM British, in the same way that I am European and I am bipedal. But my nationality is English Mind you, if you really are Manx, then it explains your attitude
  7. England is a country. My country. You can give up your nationality if you want, but I wont Problem is, the racist ****s who have hijacked the national flag for their own filthy agenda. And as for charities for pro drivers... how about crashes? Work related injuries? I'm not saying there SHOULD be one, I was using it as an example --- And yes, Wales IS a country. They even have a national assembly: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Assembly_for_Wales
  8. I stated later that I was referring to professional drivers as in truck, taxi, bus etc drivers. The people who use vehicles to make a living.
  9. England: A country. Scotland: A country. Wales: A country. Cornwall: Not a country but it wants to be one and we should let it because then we could get a really big hacksaw and cut off a bit of needless, unwanted country and wish them well as they sail off the edge of the world making little shrieky noises... but in actual fact we need Cornwall to prove to the rest of the world that not all of the UK's weather is totally abysmal. Northern Ireland: A country, but maybe we should let it be on its own so those Irish rapscallions can take over and get it out of our hair once and f
  10. Well, I'm sure all the dead civvies over there support the war, eh? Where are the charities for the injured, or the families of the dead civilians over there? Anyway, this is likely to become a politics thread so I'll skip the rest of this bit. Needless to say, I don't think that any conflict waged since the Falklands has been 'for England'. I dont blame the soldiers for that, and I support every single one of them when I say that honourable men and women should not be sacrificed in dishonourable conflicts. --- Addendum: Another minor rant is how military service and patriotism
  11. The Taliban prevented the growing of opium crops. Theyve sprung back up now the Taliban has gone. The situation over there has just created more militants. Afghanistan I can see some point to, the Taliban were ****s. Iraq, definitely not. Most soldiers/ex soldiers Ive spoken to say they join because its a job, theyve always wanted to be in the army. Few say that they sign up for the ideology of being a good guy against evil etc. I do not DISrespect soldiers. I respect them the same way I respect anyone who does a dangerous job, such as coal mining etc.
  12. I mean professional drivers as in truck/car/van/bus drivers who work for a living, not racing drivers. Everything you buy in a shop is likely to have been carried by a truck, trucks are the blood of the nation. And sorry, but the current battles we fight are not for England in the slightest. Nothing that happens over there makes England any safer, or helps a single citizen. Thats as far as Im going there, but you know what I mean. Soldiery is a job.
  13. I'm far too mild-mannered for that type of thing... you will have to teach me your technique --- On charities, the 2 I would donate to regularly (if I had the available free funds) are air ambulances, and RNLI...both organisations which really should be government funded in the first place. I am probably going to pique some ires here but I do not donate freely to H4H or similar because I feel it is a soldier's choice to join and go to fight. I dont see any charities for professional drivers who get injured doing their jobs, and the two for me are pretty much the same scenario.
  14. Want to end poverty? Ban the world bank and IMF, and prosecute their owners for the human rights criminals they are. But still One thing that annoys me, on that same subject, is the current motto of Barnardos charity shops. "Shop here if you believe in children" they say. That is clever, and it is also atrocious. So their statement is, if you DONT shop here, you dont believe in children? You have no interest in the welfare of kids if you dont give us your money? Admittedly, I have never given Barnardos any of my money before, but I definitely do not intend to in future.
  15. Well, yeah there's a bit of that in there. I go there not because I'm cheap but because I cant stand Tescos. Just vented some anger on some door preachers I tell them I'm an atheist, never read the bible, my parents didnt have me and my sister baptised. This is because one was catholic and the other was protestant and it caused problems in the family. He carried on burbling, so I said "Conversation ends here" and shut the door. When someone says 'no' you should walk away! So yeah, 'christiantards' (that is, christians who think everyone should think the way they do) are also a
  16. Ending my last rant... the problem was a mix between a poor solder iron (30w in the end, and it was probably not even getting hot enough at that) and bad solder. I only had rosin core and silver solder, neither of which were much kop. I have a better iron and lead solder now --- New rant: Women who think because they are women, men can't answer back to them. I'm in Iceland with 3 items at the checkout, theres a woman in front of me with a little girl in her trolley. This old woman comes up, pushes her trolley between the one in front and me, and its pushing against the girls l
  17. It says 06W40, but 6 watts cant be right.. can it? --- The other side says 100 watts 230 volts, but I would think that is input power as 100w output would be nitro!
  18. Modern solder is complete ######. Mind you, my B&Q soldering iron is about to get smashed up because that is a load of junk too. All I want to do is re-solder the +ve wire on my RX4 and everything appears to be conspiring against me. This *suitcase* they call solder these days just rolls into little goddamn balls instead of sticking to the job.
  19. As a bus driver, my big issue is LANE DISCIPLINE. You straightline a roundabout when I'm on your right turning to the right, where the **** am I supposed to go? I'd so like to punt all the little *albartrotheth* off the road, but that'd just get me a bad rep with my employers.
  20. I hate cars and if I can avoid it, I will never ever own one again. I hate cars and, when they are behind the wheel, I hate almost everyone who sits in the driving seat. I wont call them drivers because the VAST majority aren't. Once theyre out of the car, theyre fine. In it... GRR.
  21. I swear to BOG that if nPower do not sort out their useless *albartroth* billing department, I am going to photostat a hundred copies of my last 12 months bills, go to their offices and make each member of the billing team eat a copy each. Then, any that are left over, are going up the *albartroth* of the CEO.
  22. I ******* HATE Birmingham! And rain. Rain is a bummer too.
  23. I have to go to Birmingham. Thats enough to rant about I think
  24. I am losing my hatred for Kaiser Chiefs. That annoys me, since I know they are one of the most awful bands I have ever heard. I am compensating with more hatred for Black Eyed Peas... --- Oh...and I know Im going on about it but... can 90% of all car drivers please **** off and leave the roads clear for us who know how to drive? Thanks!
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