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  1. Finally! I've got myself a new gun room:
  2. Thanks! Love the SOMAV and I would like to complete it. Still missing the grenade pouches, M14 panels and the backpack.
  3. That commander model is so awesome! Nice work!
  4. My workhorse: - TM m4a1 socom - G&P m203 - Knights armament RAS - Trijicon Reflex Sight - GI issued sling
  5. What slide is that on the lower one? Looks nice!
  6. Thanks! It's a Viper-tech xm177e2 gbbr converted to a model 653 btw: In BHD they used the wrong sight. The aimpoint 5000 would be more correct
  7. Elvis

    $1K club.

    Ow... I always thought that it was an M3 I stand corrected.
  8. Elvis

    $1K club.

    As you wish: - Tokyo Marui M4 sopmod EBB - First Factory lower body - A&K SPR front - Dytac SPR barrel - Eagle6 m100 spring - VFC SPR silencer - M4a1 old style stock - G&P m3 scope - front wiring Unfortunatly I selling it because I don't use it enough...
  9. Elvis

    $1K club.

    My next gen. Tokyo Marui SPR Mk12 Mod0 built:
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