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  1. For those of you with the G&P KAC Suppressors; are yours loose? I mean when I attach my onto the supplies KAC flash hider, there's a bit of wobble and it doesn't feel as secure as the Magpul PTS AAC silencer. How do you go about remedying this?
  2. Not being a douche, but you might have your sights on backwards.
  3. That's how the real RIS is held on a real M4.
  4. If you did that in real life, you'd have a hard time using your charging handle with the wires back there.
  5. It's not an AG36, it's a M320: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M320_grenade_launcher
  6. Added some Egyptian wood onto my G&G AKMS By afallan at 2010-07-01 By afallan at 2010-07-01
  7. Like this? http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/MIL1145-1.html
  8. Bringing it back Old School. G&P M-16A2 with a G&P ACOG. Nice and simple. By afallan at 2010-06-14 By afallan at 2010-06-14 By afallan at 2010-06-14 afallan
  9. ^ Nice to see something other than Molle.
  10. Alice gear will always be around. Can't beat the old Alice Pack. Also if you're operating in hot and humid environments, such as those in where the first pic was taken, the Philippines; it allows more airflow around the body. It's not all about high speed molle, it's about what works.
  11. You can fit 2 MP5 mags in any double M4 mag pouch.
  12. Judging that you only have the cover and the dungaree shirt, I'm assuming (if you're in the navy) that the NWU hasn't arrived on your base yet. It's like that here in PCOLA.
  13. Don't worry too much about the details about the mags. For the price of a box set of MAG midcaps, you'd only get about 2-3 G&P midcaps. Although, they are better quality. afallan
  14. They're rock solid. They are basically RMW/Inokatsu/LCT kits with G&G gearbox/internals. I had the AKMS and the only thing I changed was the hop up bucking to that of a Systema, Guarder SP100 spring, and Guarder Spring guide. The last you don't have to change, I just had one lying around. The thing was a beast. It was the most solid AEG I ever had. Had to sell it because I went into the military so no more time to play. You can't go wrong with the AKMS or the AIMS, both are solid performers afallan
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