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  1. Ah, yes, that creek at Hole in Wall will sneak up on you if you're not careful. I used to play there all the time, but haven't been in several years.
  2. One of the key takeaways from that video is that the rifle they built used an Allen Engineering AEM5 suppressor on a 11.5" barrel. A LOT of people trying to replicate the Gordon carbine use this method because the overbarrel OPS suppressors for 14.5" are no longer commercially available. So, just keep in mind that Gordon's actual rifle was a 723 with a 14.5" barrel, not a 733 with a 11.5" barrel. The optic they use, the COMPM2 Aimpoint, is also incorrect for the event, although they were used in the movie.
  3. By no means am I an expert on the Gothic Serpent ("Black Hawk Down") operation, but I'll chime in with what I recall and you can go from there. Gordon, like most of the rest of Delta, was armed with an M723 carbine. Shugart, the other Delta sniper, was, quite famously, armed with an M14. The M723 was a 14.5" carbine with a "C7" style upper receiver - basically fixed carry handle upper with an A1 style sight, but with the addition of a brass deflector. The barrels on these were either the standard what we call today "M4 profile" barrel with the cut-outs for the grenade launcher OR the
  4. Gigueand

    WE New SMG ?

    Frankly, I'd love to see a DEA 635 or a DOE 633. *take_my_money.jpg*
  5. In the United States, Milsim West runs limited ammo games. Each rifleman gets 500 rounds at the start of the event. Machinegunners are given more. Platoons are re-supplied occasionally throughout the event and ammo can be taken off "dead" players. The limited ammo definitely affects the game play. I was way less likely to take low probability shots when I knew I only had a single spare magazine of ammo remaining. In addition, prioritizing who gets the bulk of the re-supplied ammo becomes a consideration. In general, at least in my platoon, we tried to get a magazine or two worth of ammo to eac
  6. I attached some scrap boards vertically along the studs and then attached the pegboard to the boards. So there's a bit of stand off between the pegboard and the wall itself.
  7. My gun wall over the years: From top to bottom: G&P M4A1 (Polarstar FE) Tippmann M4 Block II G&P M653 (Polarstar JACK) LCT AK-105 From top to bottom: G&P M653 (Polarstar JACK) G&P M4A1 (Polarstar FE) VFC HK416C (Polarstar JACK) From top to bottom: G&P M653 (Polarstar JACK) G&P M4A1 BLOCK II (Polarstar FE) M723 Aero Precision "AR15-Airsoft Hybrid Thing" (Redline Hurricane) G&P M4A1 Upper Receiver with early GWOT accessories From top to bottom: Aero Precision BLOCK II u
  8. Its pretty unbelievable the level to which many, fairly large groups of guys are going for MSW events here in the U.S. Sure, there's your odd .MIL person here or there, but a lot of these are civilian dudes who are going above and beyond. Not only are they building very solid impressions, but they are also acquiring the appropriate sustainment gear plus the equipment needed for successful night antics (NVGs, IR devices, etc). I attended Ruins of Saratov in November and our platoon of 50(ish) dudes had 47 guys with NVGs, 1 guy with thermals only and only two guys who had nothing NVG-
  9. Speaking as someone who remembers the "old days" of both airsoft (at least in the U.S.) and Arnie's, there's definitely an evolution that longer term players go through. Definitely reminds me of this somewhat famous graphic from paintball. In general, most airsoft players are in the hobby for a season or two - just a couple of years. The primary demographic of airsofters, in my experience, is the 14 - 18 year old crowd. Kids who are old enough to afford the hobby and who are relatively immobile life-wise. They're usually living at home, finishing their undergraduate education and the
  10. And, in my experience, the level of discourse is significantly higher...
  11. Well, Titleist did get into some legal trouble for shipping ITAR restricted parts to a member of a biker gang in Finland so...
  12. Joined in 2006 and been playing somewhat regularly since then. It is too bad what Facebook has done to many of the great airsofting communities of old including Arnie's but also places like Airsoft Canada and my own local forum. Arnie's was truly a great community back in "the day" with all sorts of characters - TheCrunchBunny, Sledge, Stealthbomber, Magz, MasakariJoe, Titleist, DarkLite, CKinnerly - some of whom are still around. The days of the "Clone Wars" where a new replica was released every month and the forums were filled with people posting the latest build trends (Art of Tactical Car
  13. So the AngryGun version isn't very good then? Where is the C&C version available?
  14. Is that an actual URGI or the AngryGun replica?
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