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  1. Furthermore, is it a good idea to have a drop leg (holster or otherwise) from the belt kit or from your trouser belt? I always imagined a belt kit to be looser and hanging, like PLCE Webbing in a sense, but I suppose not. My ultimate goal is to have a FC2-style appearance, notably that of Paul Ferenc in FC2. The sort of mix between casual but militaristic. And adding in the belt kit with enough ammo for a game without carrying enough for the whole year - I like to be able to move fast. And finding a cheap khaki or OD hoody sure is hard . And is there a good drop leg for a machete? no
  2. Would anyone have anything to say (positive, negative, etc) about the Bulle MOLLE KABP Kit? I've been wanting a lightweight, compact, easy to use kit for a while and a simple beltkit seems to be the way to go, as well as being not that expensive. I was thinking of getting the KABP and a Molle pouch. Might be going for a Far Cry 2 buddy lightweight casual look. Furthermore, is there a guide somewhere to belt kits? How they should sit? should it hang loosely or be quite tight, like a normal belt?
  3. @Badger: Is that foregrip a slide on, not a clamp? I have a slide on vert foregrip and simply can't fit it on because both ends of the lower rail seem to be larger than normal. How did you get it on?
  4. You must immediately tell me where you got that from. I'd love one.
  5. I hit Level 37 IRL, and got enough kills with it to unlock the RDS.
  6. That's a pretty awesome paintjob there, Drake. I managed to get the silencer off with a wrench with little effort. D'oh! In celebration of that, here's my as-usual bog-standard AUG. Nowt special to see here... Furthermore, I'm interested as to what the item is on the side of this (Real Steel) AUG/Austeyr F88. I'm guessing it's some sort of PEQ thing. I'm more curious than anything, as I imagine trying to get one of those would be impossible and/or expensive.
  7. Alright guys, would appreciate a few pointers here. For a few months now I've had a silencer stuck on my AUG. Literally stuck. I screwed it on a little too vigorously while seeing what it looked like, and it's been stuck there ever since. I want rid of it. I have no qualms with cutting up the screwing-on end of the silencer, I just want to cut it all off in the most efficient manner as to get it all off without damaging the thread of the flashhider. I've tried lubing the thing up and twisting it off, but it simply won't budge. So yeah, any tips would be appreciated.
  8. Anyone got a JG and can enlighten me to whether the iron sights are all correctly done? I'm planning on getting one.
  9. Concurred - I can't look for interesting AUG related threads :'(
  10. I don't think you have enough STANAGs Also, AUG pix plz.
  11. Is this the first recorded incident of a nametag actually being correct? It would appear your cat wishes to be a man.
  12. Thank you so much! Any ideas how much that'd cost (that'd basically be every component in that picture) and whether he'd stick it all together? Thanks again! Arrr, it be Marine1st!
  13. Fine, A1 and A2 Thanks for the tip on the gas plug. I can stop worrying now and glue it/take it off. Alright, i'm a genius. I took the flashhider off to fix it, and thought i'd see how the silencer looked. I screw the end of the silencer on, goes on easily enough, then BAM. It just stops at the end of the thread and now it will not move an inch. FFS. I've either got to cut the thing off (ruin it) or buy a new barrel component that I can swap out easily. Where can I buy an outer barrel with the front grip? ARRGHGGHGHGGH
  14. Me and my baby. TM AUG Mil body, TM Civ receiver. Anyone else have a problem with the gas plug thingy? Mine keeps falling off and I keep getting paranoid I'll lose it. Is it required or just there for looks?
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