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  1. Hogue P226 Rubber Grip

    cant send you any PMs will take this if its still up for sale PM me you paypal details

  2. Anyone tried any of the Dboys mags in them yet?
  3. There is.... take it off
  4. Wish novatcombat had these in stock again
  5. Can't get the Dboys mags to work at all . They just won't lock in - Any ideas?
  6. How well do the mags feed?
  7. Do the Chinese PDW mags work ok in the VFC?
  8. Does anyone have the VFC to compare it with? Considering going with the VFC because the dboys just doesn't look very high quality?
  9. Great review! Ordered mine through Scope and Laser a few days ago so can't wait til it gets here, looks great!
  10. Emailed a while ago, they said that this year they would be making a full AK74/AKM range
  11. Can't wait til they release their AKMS
  12. I know the body is, but does it have the same electrical system etc? Looks a bit like the M249 GB to me?
  13. Would anyone know if the gearbox is a clone of the VFC also? Want to see if it fits in my VFC
  14. Someone should make a series of valves giving different FPS'
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