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  1. yeah i know hwagan, but my local retailer is only 15 mins away and they always do me a good deal. i think they meant g&p make a bus load, ship them out and then move on to other models and then only make orders up for models not currently in production ! i dont mind waiting, i ve got so many bloomin aegs to get through
  2. getting my sentry delivered this week from a uk retailer on special order( not usually stocked) had to wait since mid august as G&P only build them to order atm (they haven't even started work on my enforcer ) my new m7a1 will have to fill the void until then !
  3. picked up one of these from airsoftworld with 3 co2 mags. played 2 skirmishes and its performance has been pretty good. both games ambient temperature has been 7/8c but there has been no cooldown issues and 1 canister of co2 has done around 40 shots. recoil on this gun is awesome ! im getting another after xmas
  4. got mine from uktactical. couldn't believe how light they are. worn for around 5 skirmishes with no signs of wear and good comfort levels. love em
  5. i hated my m249 with a passion, had nothing but trouble especially with the trigger switch and the feeding tube. i'd steer well clear although the ares m60's are a massive improvement
  6. yep 2nd skirmish the stock fell apart and the fire selector jammed !! never had that happen in 14 years of skirmishing ! ive sent it back to the retailer under warranty so hopefully it'll be up and running again soon. the performance is that good (chuck a 4x acog on, the amount of kills i got was stunning) that i won't be parting with it even after that mishap !
  7. i recently bought this gun and skirmished it at combat south last sunday. it performed like an absolute dream. chrono'd at an average of 335 fps with excel .2. stock range, rof and grouping is very good. the balance and build quality. first king arms aeg I've bought and I am hugely impressed.
  8. i've had both and i find the px4 superior in performance and comfort, its just soooo bloody nice !
  9. i have to get one, they're so beautiful ! does anyone know if you can get blackhawk style locking holsters for this gun and where from ?
  10. good service and fast delivery, but i'm never ordering an Asia Electric Gun again, complete and utter pants !
  11. used them on ebay and I would recommend them 100%. communication was awesome and they removed postage charges for a contractor cap as they could get it in an envelope !
  12. Nothing but good things to say about fire-support. their service is always exceptional over the 5 years or so i've used them
  13. I've got an Ares G36c and its an absolute peach. great range and rof on a 7.4v lipo. it's done around 10k rounds without missing a beat. It may have been a later batch as it didn't have the Umarex markings on there. I'm so impressed i'm getting the DE version !
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