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  1. Many thanks for the impute greatly appreciated , I've wet'n'dried it and it's taken the sheen off quite nicely so the OCD is moderately controlled for now ! But I shall (once it's pay day!) track down a correct brown one . Cheers bud .
  2. RIS block sorted , tracked it down only one I can find is by G&P and is £20+every were well b**ls to that ! I've made my own out of a spare locking widget thingy, a small piece of RIS and a shed load of epoxy and mojo-putty ! Any hoo back on topic now the stock is darkened and I've oiled it as well it's looking b****dy lovely BUT the plastic barrel guard is screaming 'cheapo plastic !' So was wondering if any one knows an affordable sauce for either a real one thats either in the uk or will sell to the uk as couple of sites I've tried have been unable to sell across the pond ! Either tha
  3. Now that is very nice ! Really like that ! P.S the small RIS block what's it called and who makes them ? It's just what I'm looking for for my Socom to take a micro T1
  4. Now that is some freaky *albatross* looking s**t ! Never seen one of those before !
  5. The deed is done ! And yes it does look better dark ! But Christ what a ballache it was getting the varnish off the stock first ! Don't know what it was but by god it was on good !
  6. And being a'true' airsofter and having the tensile strength of a kitkat on a sunny day I shall now buckle under pier pressure and darken it ! Lol
  7. Wood stock arrived and fitted , going to be keeping it simple no scopes or what not just keep it GI , haven't decided colour wise either do I darken or leave as is ?(had a check and American oak was an issue colour) so will need to 'mull it over' I think .
  8. Haven't put paint to gun in ages but just acquired these two in nearly new conditioned (think they were taken to a game site to be chrono'ed and that's it !) for peanuts so always loved blackhawk down (who doesn't?) so thought f**k it I'm having a go ! I'm happy with the outcome so that's good enough for me !
  9. Did factor these points in but also forgot to say that was with no hop ( always chrono a new gun with hop off) and literally these readings were the 8th 9th BBs out of it and I've NEVER had a new gun hold its starting fps always dropped a fair few points once it's 'bedded in' I'm sure it'll be under 350 (it'll be high 40's but confident it'll be sub-50) by the time it's had a fair few mags through it to give it a good test for any thing that needs sorting before it's taken to its first scurmish , but if it does fail its first 'official' chrono then say'la'vie and I'll be learning how to strip
  10. Yup always fancied one , made a nice bundle of beer tokens at the NAE last wk and thought f**k it I'm getting it and yes the fact that Napoleon uses one DID have a bareing on my decision ! Love that film !!But well happy with its doing 318fps on point 25s and I can get a 9.9 1300 in it so it has a fruity little rate too it !
  11. Going old school Bitish S&T sterling ;
  12. Yea joking aside I don't think it was that difficult at all like said take your time and use your head ! , and if your interested Xsite shop has them for £79.99
  13. As long as you use your head (and an angle grinder and a Dremel !) I don't think it was that hard ! First I removed the leaf sight , then ground down the 'hump' at the front and the side rails that the sight sits in between. Then Dremel the top and bottom of the leaf sight to remove the range scale and flatten the underside as there's a channel there that the leaf spring fits in. Next I used plummers putty (it's a LOT cheaper than mil putty) to sit the leaf sight back on the receiver. Once dry , sand smooth paint re-assemble and gun done ! Hope this helps make up your mind for you . Che
  14. The old browning thread had been archived so I've opened this new one. Always planned to get one but if I did get one to loose the hideous leaf sight and go with a bog standard set of irons and here it is . It's the WE of coarse and I'm really happy how it's turned hope you like as much as I do .
  15. Am liking that ! Beeping good film and all !
  16. Nope the top cover and selector are the ones on it (the carbine is 'oh natural' no RAS on it , and I made the charging handle my self from 3mm kydex shaped and cut to suit the job . Also carved and shaped the carrying hand and milled down a G36k barrel extension and the flash hider is a re-purposed M14 one .
  17. FAL carbine to L1A1 F-1
  18. Think it's one of the more common ways of doing it , have three guns done like that (two mates guns are done the same way) must say looks like you've done a nice neat job of it !
  19. Difficult to say 100% but looks like an early 80's 'jungle' shirt (looks like the one I was issued back then)
  20. Completely forgot about the inner length ! Yea I think that mite be the needed route to follow for optimum performance ?
  21. To be honest mate I've kept the 416 totaly stock and when I get a 417 (no point saying if ?) im going to be keeping it in the same state . I've already got a 450fps L96 I never use from when I thought I'd 'dable' in the sniper world , and didn't , so yes it'll be aiming at the 20inch but I'll be relying on the awesomeness of the TM build and some sneakyness to get close enuf to my targets !
  22. I'm booked in with the Chinese black market organ merchants next wk ! Have started saving already ! I'm sure it'll be as good if not better than the 416 (and that's the best AEG I've ever owned) and yes it WILL go down a treat with my norwegian load out good sir !
  23. Oh Arnie you git ! I'd just about persuaded my self I didn't need one !
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