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  1. Just to add my experience of the ares slim ' high torque ' motor grips. Ive installed one on my main AK which has a m140 spring, short stroked 6 teeth or so.( 330fps ) Running 11.1v Lipo and a titan mosfet. I noticed next to no difference compared to the shs/rocket torque motor which was installed. Im building another with the same motor and high speed gears, titan etc. Will report back when thats done
  2. My rifle at the bottom. A couple mates above.
  3. Just finished my new LCT build. Real Magpul MOE Furniture, grey stained stock, LCT Ultimak Rail - US Palm Midcaps and a funky compensator I forget the name of! Just waiting for my MRO Sight to arrive!
  4. Clot


  5. Got something simpler ( and lighter ) coming for the weekend!
  6. Here is a pic of the finished end cap - Not 100% true to the original, but who cares - look at this! Its turned from a block of steel. I will be getting another made from aluminium as this is far too heavy, but looks amazing.
  7. Not posted in a while... Here we have my Silenced Colt M635 - Fitted with a real Trijicon Reflex and Carry handle mount with Tenebrax Killflash. I have a machined steel grip cap still to fit and the velcro ties are gone.
  8. Now that is nice! Dibs on that when your done with it
  9. Spot on, ive only found a handful of images on this rifle. It was a silenced version, designed to kill muzzle flash when the DEA raided drug factories. Some cracking pics of DEA/SWAT using the standard m635, I havent found any pics of this in use yet.
  10. Heres one you dont see... ever! ( think I have seen it once actually ) G&P Colt M635 9mm SMG - KAC Silenced version This is just a mock up at the moment, but the gearbox is nearly finished. Ontop is a real trijicon with ar carry handle mount. All is for sale too!!
  11. My latest, slightly IDF inspired G&P m4.
  12. Apologies for the keek pics, these are from my sales thread. Real Sword - Fitted with real steel TIGR furniture. One of two that I know of in the world. Hell of a job to fit, but well worth it!!
  13. Not the best photo at the mo... Custom build I didnt expect to be doing... Mp5Ka1
  14. Work in progress, nearly finished. Real sword SVD fitted with real steel Izhmash polymer furniture.
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