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  1. they look so tiny in that picture, almost toy like
  2. imageshack wouldn't let me rotate the pic's, so sorry in advance
  3. finally all of my ar's are in functioning order,so here are some pic's g&p mk18 mod.0 g&p m16a2 carbine family picture with the m16a3
  4. g&p m16a3 parts: -acm acog + real deal killflash -g&p peq -real deal ka grip -acm m16 sling -acm buis
  5. msa mich 2000 parts: -gentex chinstrap -ms 2000 strobe -us issue nvg adapter + rhino swing arm -cat eyes -goggle straps
  6. quick question for all you tm 1911 nuts out there ! i'm looking for a new leafspring/3 finger spring but i can't seem to find an online shop that carries them...
  7. thanks ! i've got some usmc issued bates on the way though, my current boots aren't very waterproof
  8. mr.m60 is that the echo 1 version ?
  9. what slide is that ? i got one in a trade and i still dont know what brand it is
  10. as a belgian and a fnc owner i have to say this. poor little fnc whatever floats your boat huh
  11. plankton your sniperrifle looks badass !
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