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    Nov 5th 2006
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    TM recoil HK417, TM recoil Devgru 416, TM recoil Delta 416, TM recoil recce rifle (made into a MK18) TM recoil SOPMOD (BLock 2'd up) VFC SCAR-H, G&P Sentry Magpul type, CA LWRC M6 a2,Ares Honeybadger TM custom Glock 17, TM PX4, PX4 Bulldog, WE XDM compact,VFC HK416, TM socom MK23 TM M&P V-custom KSC USP compact x2
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  1. Pdubyuh

    First m4

    How much are you looking to spend?
  2. Pdubyuh

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    14th August 2006
  3. Pdubyuh

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    well if there was anything to do... we are in our quite period, there was that little to do yesterday I went home to at lunch!
  4. Pdubyuh

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    work has just started censoring websites that i can look at so no gun shopping for me anymore (unless i use my phone obvs )
  5. join the other facebook NGRS group there is still one active
  6. Pdubyuh

    Sites in Northamptonshire

    You could come along and visit us at Finmere airsoft, we have a fair few regulars from Northampton. Friendly woodland site, we do only play once a month though.
  7. I remember a game where a couple of guys were dressed as WW2 germans They werent paying attention during the brief so asked what the game was, I explained and they said "so basically go down there and kill the baddies" my mate lent over and said "dudes, with what you're wearing, you're the baddies!"
  8. Pdubyuh

    HK 416

    I have 2 TM 416s and the VFC a5 with the avalon internals, the VFC a5 is very nice indeed the externals are the usual VFC quality and it has the new avalon internals. Its got a mosfet and an ECU, when the batteries in theres an electronic trigger reset, I love mine
  9. Pdubyuh

    VFC HK416

    Dont get the old 416 get the A5! its got all the new bells and whistles!
  10. Pdubyuh

    VFC HK416

    The new A5 is lovely, electronic trigger reset for starters, externals are usual VFC amazeballs. mosfet or 2? avalon internals, my TM recoils havent been looked at since I got it, and i am a major TM fanboi, so yeah i say get one!
  11. Pdubyuh

    Airsoft Stuff You Just Bought

    I thought that myself but a guy on Devt6 said it was very comfy and there is a backer you can get if its that bad, it is S&S so probably cost more than the carrier so i could just make one out of an old camping mat or some such? edit nope i just checked the flotation backer is only $31 so i could always get one it it really is uncomfortable.
  12. Pdubyuh

    Airsoft Stuff You Just Bought

    I'm waiting on a replica S&S plateframe from weapon 7.62 https://www.weapon762.com/plate-carrier/781-tmc-kydex-frame-carrier-with-plate-dummy.html it was "in stock" when i ordered it but they have been very prompt in communicating and they said they should have more in a couple of weeks
  13. Pdubyuh

    Tokyo Marui MTR16 GBBR

    hmmm Even for a fully fledged TM fanboy like myself that's a bit much, why you no GBB sr25 or even 417 ?
  14. Pdubyuh

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    The moral of this story dont suitcase where you eat...
  15. Pdubyuh

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    food, good coat and a friendly young lady are my prescription for you this evening, the first 2 are probably by far the easiest to source

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