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  1. gotto love the GPMG very nice indeed
  2. I admire your restraint and yes I am the walking cliche you've just described 2 416's a 417 and yes a MK18 and a sopmod block 2 all strapped up with all the ###### you can think off! I am a bit anal with details though a while back I had an LWRC M6 which is 6.8mm in real steel and everyone was like "nice gun, needs some Pmags to finish the look" and i was like "you cant get RS Pmags to take 6.8 rounds so GI mags it is" ha ha
  3. very nice, i cant help thinking it looks too bare but that's my own mil rifle affliction.
  4. Awesome Pics Johny i'd love to be able to go wandering through the hills in full kit
  5. pah I prefered the "skittles"
  6. The top one is in typhon I Know its not exact but its the best i could find
  7. Kit Bash ??? EDIT: https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/menu.aspx?menu=3559 my ironfinger google fu is strong
  8. Thats sexy though i love my plate minus it doesnt have much room for pouches that looks like it has more usable molle space.
  9. so it fires crabby patties?!? lol
  10. RC why does your P90 mag look like its full of sweets? please tell me you've mod'd it to fire skittles!
  11. Ah it was quite a few years ago that I contacted them so maybe they're farming out the distribution, would make sense.
  12. VFC were pretty good themselves if you cant get one anywhere else
  13. It is very hard to get the recce rail off so much so that I ended buying a new upper and outer to go with my new rail so if your wanting to front wire a recce bear this in mind if you want to get the wires through the rail or put the battery inside the rail.
  14. if you are talking about the tm Recce M4 its solid as a rock no wobble what so ever!
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